Alice Comedies (partially lost series of Walt Disney animated short films; 1920s)

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Copy of an Alice Comedies lobby card, signed by the late Virginia Davis (who played Alice for the majority of the shorts).

Status: Partially Lost

The Alice Comedies was another early animation project by Walt Disney. These silent shorts were known for their innovative animation and special effects. Various actresses played Alice throughout the shorts' production, including Virginia Davis, Margie Gay, Dawn O'Day, and Lois Hardwick.

The shorts were based on a girl named Alice (played by a live-action actress) who seemingly lived in an animated world. The first Alice Comedy, "Alice's Wonderland," paralleled the plot of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, which led to the premise of the series, depicting Alice's adventures in a cartoon world.


Many of these shorts, particularly the ones from later in the shorts run, have been lost. Historians have put much effort into finding these shorts, with one resurfacing every few years or so. Many of the found episodes have been released in parts of the Walt Disney Treasures series. Most of them have been uploaded to YouTube.[1]

Episode List

# Short title Status
1 Alice's Wonderland Found
2 Alice's Day at Sea Found
3 Alice's Spooky Adventure Found
4 Alice's Wild West Show Found
5 Alice's Fishy Story Found
6 Alice and the Dog Catcher Found
7 Alice the Peacemaker Found
8 Alice Gets in Dutch Found
9 Alice Hunting in Africa Found
10 Alice and the Three Bears Found
11 Alice the Piper Found
12 Alice Cans the Cannibals Found
13 Alice the Toreador Found
14 Alice Gets Stung Found
15 Alice Solves the Puzzle Found
16 Alice's Egg Plant Found
17 Alice Loses Out Found
18 Alice Gets Stage Struck Found
19 Alice Wins the Derby Found
20 Alice Picks the Champ Found
21 Alice's Tin Pony Found
22 Alice Chops the Suey Found
23 Alice the Jail Bird Found
24 Alice Plays Cupid Found
25 Alice Rattled by Rats Found
26 Alice in the Jungle Found
27 Alice on the Farm Found
28 Alice's Balloon Race Found
29 Alice's Orphan Found
30 Alice's Little Parade Found
31 Alice's Mysterious Mystery Found
32 Alice Charms the Fish Lost
33 Alice's Monkey Business Lost
34 Alice in the Wooly West Found
35 Alice the Fire Fighter Found
36 Alice Cuts the Ice Lost
37 Alice Helps the Romance Found
38 Alice's Spanish Guitar Found
39 Alice's Brown Derby Found
40 Alice the Lumber Jack Lost
41 Alice the Golf Bug Found
42 Alice Foils the Pirates Lost
43 Alice at the Carnival Lost
44 Alice's Rodeo Found
45 Alice the Collegiate Lost
46 Alice in the Alps Lost
47 Alice's Auto Race Partially Found
48 Alice's Circus Daze Found
49 Alice's Knaughty Knight Lost
50 Alice's Three Bad Eggs Found
51 Alice's Picnic Lost
52 Alice's Channel Swim Lost
53 Alice in the Klondike Lost
54 Alice's Medicine Show Lost
55 Alice the Whaler Found
56 Alice the Beach Nut Lost
57 Alice in the Big League Found
  • While screenshots and the reels of some of these films are known to exist, they are not currently available for public viewing.


Visual highlights of the series.

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