Made in Point Richmond (found miscellaneous content from Pixar DVD; 1986-2000)

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The Made in Point Richmond DVD.

Status: Found

Date found: 21 May 2018

Found by: jaret35

In the beginning of 2001, sometime after completing For the Birds, Pixar made an employee-exclusive DVD called Made in Point Richmond containing a selection of non-movie content that was made when they were based in the northern San Francisco Bay Area community of Point Richmond, California; like their television work, short work, F/X work, and party videos, as well as the THX trailers they did. What makes this DVD unique is not only its collection of Pixar rarities otherwise lost or in low quality that are covered on this Wiki elsewhere including most of their commercial division work, Blowin' in the Wind, and Jessie Patsy Montana Entertainer Award Acceptance Speech, but rarities possibly otherwise unknown about if it wasn't for their inclusion on the DVD.


On May 21, 2018, the whole DVD was uploaded as a disc image by LMW forum user jaret35 (ayeayematey on Discord). The uploaded disc image still retains its CSS (or Content Scramble System) copyright protection; however, LMW forums user TOMYSSHADOW has been able to remove it. It is available to download on Mega or Google Drive.

Rare DVD Contents

As mentioned, there are several Pixar rarities that can be seen listed on the DVD insert. They include:[1]

Sesame Street Luxo, Jr. Shorts

The shorts are available to view on Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 1:

  • "Surprise"
  • "Light and Heavy"
  • "Up and Down"
  • "Front and Back"

A Bug's Life Material

  • Ponkikies "Flik" (the first time Pixar worked with Ponkikies, later doing animation for them with Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo characters)

Toy Story 2 Material

  • Toy Story 2 "On-Set Interview 1" and "On-Set Interview 2" (Both are featured on The Ultimate Toy Box DVD.)
  • Unknown ABC Toy Story 2 animations, including (presumably) crossovers with Monday Night Football, Good Morning America, The View, The Drew Carey Show and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? among others:
  • ABC "Monday Night Football"
  • ABC "Sportscaster"
  • ABC "Good Morning America"
  • ABC "Happy Thanksgiving"
  • ABC "Holiday Buzz"
  • ABC "Aliens Sing"
  • ABC "Woody New Year"
  • ABC "Aliens Daytime"
  • ABC "Aliens Nighttime"
  • ABC "Remote Daytime"
  • ABC "Remote Nighttime"
  • ABC "Rex :05"
  • ABC "Rex :10"
  • ABC "Soap Opera"
  • ABC "Aliens" (The View)
  • ABC "Aliens" (The Drew Carey Show)
  • ABC "Aliens" (The Millionaire Show)

Party Videos

  • Christmas 1986
  • Christmas 1987
  • Christmas 1988
  • Christmas 1989
  • Christmas 1990
  • Christmas 1991
  • Christmas 1992
  • Christmas 1993
  • Christmas 1994
  • A Bug's Life Pre-Show Slides
  • Toy Story 2 Wrap Party

Other Material Included on the DVD

In addition, there are also found, readily available media that the DVD presumably has in higher, DVD quality than what's available to the public.

  • Knick Knack (the uncensored version)
  • 68th Academy Awards Presentation (the first time Buzz and Woody appeared at the Oscars)
  • It's Tough to be a Bug (the full 3D film from the Animal Kingdom attraction going by the same name)
  • Buzz Ride (the animatronic face animation on Buzz in Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin)
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command "TV Title 1" to "TV Title 7" (Opening Sequence for Buzz Lightyear of Star Command)


Images come from and jaret35 (known owners of the DVD).

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