Blowin' in the Wind (found Pixar animated short film; 1985)

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Status: Found

Date found: 25 Apr 2018

Found by: jarets35

Blowin' in the Wind is an animated short created by Lucasfilm Ltd in 1985. The short is a short test animation made by the company, similar to other test animations such as Beach Chair and Flags and Waves, although much longer than those. The short film features a simulation of grass being blown by the wind while the Bob Dylan song of the same name plays in the background. The short was never released on any public home media. The only release it received was through its inclusion on the Made in Point Richmond DVD given to employees before the company moved locations.


In the early 2000s, after the completion of For The Birds, Pixar made an employee-exclusive DVD called Made In Point Richmond.[1] As the name suggests, it contained a wealth of non-film content produced by the studio before the move from Point Richmond, California to Emeryville, California, including the various short films produced at the studio up to that point.

Among the short films, trailers, F/X work, television work, and party videos is a previously unknown short film called Blowin' in the Wind. Created in 1985, the short was a basic animation test similar to Beach Chair and Flags and Waves and consisted of nothing more than a 37-second CGI animation of grass being blown around by the wind. Similarly to Flags and Waves, it was also created by animator Bill Reeves [2] While Beach Chair and Flags and Waves were re-released on Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 1, Blowin' in the Wind was never publicly released, likely due to copyright issues over the featured song.

Many remained skeptical for years if the short was even a real thing or just an error from the disc until the short was uploaded by Lost Media Wiki user jarets35, who owns the disc itself, albeit in low quality.


  • Concept: Bill Reeves
  • Direction: Bill Reeves
  • Software: Bill Reeves
  • Director Laser Photography: David DiFrancesco
  • Laser Engineer: Tom Noggle
  • Laser Scanning: Don Conway
  • Irrigation & Moving Crew: Ricki Blau & Bill Reeves
  • Location Scouting: John Lasseter
  • Catering: Ricki Blau
  • Copyright 1985
  • Lucasfilm Ltd


The full short.

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