Lafflets (lost series of Walt Disney animated short films; 1922-1923)

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Walt Disney in the 1930s.

Status: Lost

Lafflets is a series of 20-30 second shorts released between 1922 and 1923 by Walt Disney.[1] This series was made between Laugh-O-Grams and Alice Comedies. Due to the apparent failure of the shorts and lack of preservation or publication of them, very little information is available on them apart from the names of the shorts.

List of Shorts

# Short Title Status
1 Gold in Slow Motion Lost
2 Descha's Tryst with the Moon Lost
3 Aesthetic Camping Lost
4 Reuben's Big Day Lost
5 Rescued Lost
6 A Star Pitcher Lost
7 The Woodland Potter Lost
8 A Pirate for a Day Lost

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