Toy Story 4 (found original script of Pixar animated sequel film; 2013-2017)

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Toy Story 4 Teaser Poster Remake.png

The original teaser poster.

Status: Found

Date found: 06 Sep 2019

Found by: Calm-Hawk, and YoshiKiller2S

Toy Story 4 is an animated film produced by Pixar and was created to conclude the Toy Story film franchise. It was released on June 21st, 2019.


The final version of the film revolves around the toys trying to protect a spork named Forky, which was transformed into a toy by Bonnie, the toy's owner. For a time, the only facts known about the original version were that it would have been a romantic comedy and that it would have had a separate storyline to the previous films.[1]

The plot of the unused script still revolves around Woody and Bo Peep, much as the final film does, but with significant changes to the overall plot, though some characters from the early draft were used in the final film.

The Original Plot

In the original script, Woody and Bo Peep are shown in flashbacks to be separated after Bo Peep is given away by Andy's mother to an expecting couple. Returning to the present time after Toy Story 3, Bonnie has noticed Woody's voicebox has been running down and his overall appearance is wearing. Bonnie's mother places Woody on a shelf in The Hall, alongside other old toys such as Baba, Bonnie's first doll, a stuffed owl named Hal, and a nutcracker.

When Woody overhears a TV auction Bonnie and her mother are watching, he's amazed to see Bo Peep is up for auction and quickly sold to a woman in the same town Bonnie lives in. While the other toys try to convince Woody to go after her, he believes it was better for her to go off and 'be there' for another child rather than stay with him forever.

Bonnie then takes her toys to her cousin Lance's house, a hyperactive child who pulls Woody and Buzz's heads off and puts them onto each other's bodies. While Buzz is relatively alright in Woody's body, Woody begins to have hallucinations based around the Buzz Lightyear franchise and becomes separated from the others, meeting Ducky and Bunny, two characters who show up in the final version as carnival prizes, but here, are discarded toys behind Lance's dresser.

Due to a few mix-ups and the toys attempting to find and fix Woody and Buzz on their own, Woody winds up finding Bo Peep at a pawn shop and is dismayed to learn that the expectant couple threw her out the very next day after receiving her. Since then, she has been passed from one person to the next, never to be kept, and has become bitter toward Woody for having urged her to leave at all.

Woody tries to make amends for what has happened, but only causes more problems as his Lightyear-induced hallucinations cause him to blurt out strange things and act like a 'space cadet.' Eventually, however, Woody and Buzz are able to regain their original bodies, and Woody is able to make things right with Bo just in time after they realize her new owner, Beatrice, lives in a trailer unsuitable for toys as breakable as Bo.

Unlike the final movie, Bo is convinced to come and live at Bonnie's house with Woody and the toys, plus Ducky and Bunny, mail themselves back to Bonnie's home under the guise that Lance "fixed" Bonnie's toys and has returned them. Bonnie is overjoyed by her new lamp, Bo, with the script ending at Bonnie falling asleep with Woody in her arms and Bo Peep on her nightstand.


In an interview with Annie Potts (the voice of Bo Peep), she stated that after the writers Rashida Jones and Will McCormack left the film's production, Disney threw away the 75% of the script which was finished and restarted production, causing the film to be pushed back to June 2019.[2]


On August 12th, 2019, user Calm-Hawk found a listing for an early Toy Story 4 script by Ben Karlin on, a site for buying and selling Hollywood scripts and stageplays, the listing remained unnoticed until September 6th, 2019, when Lost Media Wiki user YoshiKiller2S purchased the draft and uploaded the PDF file later that day.[3]

Similar Incidents

Oddly enough, every previous Toy Story film has had a version that was intentionally scrapped: Toy Story 2 had a different script that was scrapped and reworked in the last nine months of production, a different version of Toy Story 3 was in production by the Circle 7 Animation before the studio was shut down, and the original film had the infamous "Black Friday Reel" version, which nearly got Pixar itself shut down.

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