Angry Joe Plays Mario Kart 8 (lost live stream recording from YouTuber; 2014)

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Jose Antonio Vargas, aka Angry Joe.

Status: Lost

Jose Antonio Vargas (better known by his internet persona Angry Joe) is a popular YouTube video game reviewer who is the host of his show The Angry Joe Show, which covers modern video games and later movies, and was a member of the comedian/reviewer website TGWTG/Channel Awesome until his departure from the website in 2018.

While the majority of his content is available to watch on YouTube, his live stream recording of Mario Kart 8 hasn't resurfaced or have been made available to the public.

The Live Stream

In December 2014, Angry Joe uploaded his "Top 10 Best Video Games Of 2014" video. At the start of the video, he brought up his opinion that there were quite a number of disappointing games released that year, but the Wii U had some of the best games of that year, mentioning that he may actually buy one. A week or so later, some fans donated him a Wii U along with games and accessories for it, one of them being Mario Kart 8.

Out of excitement, he decided to do a live stream of him and some of his friends playing the game. As he was uploading a recording of the stream to YouTube, Nintendo made a copyright claim on the video which made him decide to take down the video before it went public.

Since then, the video has not surfaced anywhere and, unless someone was recording the live stream, it will likely never be uploaded.


Video of Angry Joe discussing the incident.

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