Sadistic Bitch (lost Brad "The Cinema Snob" Jones film; 2002)

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This article has been tagged as NSFL and NSFW due to its disturbing and sexually explicit subject matter.

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Online film critic Brad "The Cinema Snob" Jones.

Status: Lost

Sadistic Bitch is a 2002 film by famed internet critic Brad Jones, better known for his "The Cinema Snob" persona. After being disappointed with his previous film, Cancelled Sitcoms, Jones finally started making films outside of college projects. The movie was apparently quite graphic, featuring "shit eating and face pissing". The film plot was about a "psycho girlfriend" who finds out her boyfriend was cheating on her. After finding this out, she decides to drug him, tie up in a chair and does cheap "black-market-style" surgery using garage tools to turn him into a girl.

The film was unfortunately stolen along with Brad's entire DVD collection and, like most of his early films is lost. Unlike Cancelled Sitcoms, this film was never broadcast on a website, making it even less likely to be found. Brad's fanbase didn't even know this film existed until Brad did an episode of his podcast The Random Button on it. Brad is actually saddened by the loss of this film and has actually put forth an effort to find it.

In 2018, a revision was made to the film's IMDb page stating that Brad may have been in possession of some of the film, albeit raw footage and that the rest of the film itself is still lost. In August of that year, Brad was asked on his personal Tumblr page if this was true, to which he stated that it's possible - but unlikely.[1] He went on to say that there's a possibility that some raw footage might exist on hi8 tapes he has, but said that only a few seconds or brief moments might be on them. However, he currently has no means to view the tapes to confirm these suspicions, and as of 2019, no further updates about the status of the tapes have been made.

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