Benzaie Interviews Doug (found TGWTG interview online video; 2008)

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Tgwtg benzaie.jpg

Screencap of the interview.

Status: Found

Date found: Feb 2017

Found by: Kurt Denter

In November 2008, popular online comedian-reviewer Doug Walker (famous for his The Nostalgia Critic show/character[1]), was interviewed in a video by fellow comedian-reviewer Benjamin Daniel, aka Benzaie: Benzaie Interviews Doug.

The video was never re-uploaded after the main site's shutdown but was eventually mirrored nine years later.


The interview video was hosted on website ThatGuyWithTheGlasses (aka TGWTG), which aired many of other comedy-review shows (the website's name referred to Doug Walker himself, as he was the main star).

In the video, Benzaie asks about how Doug became the Nostalgia Critic, while his teddy bear mascot Beary was sitting behind him.

A shorter, audio version of this interview appeared in episode 4 of the Transmission Awesome podcast, but this one seems to be lost too.

Fall of TGWTG

Back then, the comedy-review videos available on TGWTG were hosted on, a video-sharing platform that was less strict on copyrighted content than YouTube.[2][3] Thus, it enabled longer videos and still allowed monetization.

However, in 2015, Blip got bought by Disney-owned Maker Studios, and the old video-sharing platform was shut down. With this, many TGWTG videos were lost; many resurfaced on YouTube (although sometimes edited to prevent content ID detection) and other video-sharing platforms. However, some were forgotten.

The website ThatGuyWithTheGlasses (aka TGWTG) was renamed Channel Awesome in 2015, making a lot of old links obsolete and inoperative.


The 2008 Doug Walker interview by Benzaie had not resurfaced for a long time. Benzaie still had on his YouTube channel a sample/sneak-peek of the video interview with a link in the description. However, the link in the video description still redirects to the TGWTG video address and thus doesn't work anymore. Benzaie has not re-uploaded the full interview anywhere (if he still has it) or made any mention of it, which may be because he seems to be concentrating on his newest channel benzaietv.


Fan "Kurt Denter" revealed to have downloaded the video before TGWTG's shutdown and has shared it again.


The interview.

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