Cancelled Sitcoms (lost Brad Jones "The Cinema Snob" film; 2000)

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Online film critic Brad "The Cinema Snob" Jones.

Status: Lost

Brad Jones is an online film critic most well known for his series The Cinema Snob. The series concentrates on reviewing low-grade B-Movies as well as well-known underground horror movies. He is a frequent contributor to Channel Awesome and is also one of the most popular members of the group.

Jones struggled for many years with films before resorting to video reviews. His earliest effort, Cancelled Sitcoms, a 20-30 minute long college project film that Jones considered to be of amateur quality. His professor didn't quite agree with him, as evidenced by the fact that the film was submitted to and was featured on the site for about 5 years.

Despite it being featured online for almost 5 years, no copy of this short film is known to exist. Jones' master DVD copy was stolen years ago along with his other film, Sadistic Bitch, and a large collection of his movies. Jones is indifferent towards the film being uncovered or not, though his fans have shown great interest. The few who have seen it thought that, while the film was well-edited, it was not particularly noteworthy.

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