Club Mario (partially lost live-action segments of "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" animated TV series; 1990)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Lost

Club Mario, which started airing on May 14th, 1990,[1] temporarily replaced the live-action episodes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!.

This featured "extreme" Mario-obsessed teenagers Tommy Treehugger and Co M.C. (played by Chris Coombs and Michael Anthony Rawlins) goofing around, and in one episode, running around the DiC studios and harassing DiC executive producer Andy Heyward. Victoria Delany played Tommy's sister Tammy Treehugger. Rawlins also portrayed Co M.C.'s twin brother "Evil Eric." An additional added segment was a one-to-two-minute viewing of Spaced Out Theater, hosted by Princess Centauri, a green alien woman, which was edited from the TV series, Photon.

Episode List

# Episode Status
1 The Bird! The Bird! Found
2 King Mario of Cramalot Found
3 Butch Mario & the Luigi Kid Lost
4 Mario's Magic Carpet Found
5 The Ringer Found
6 Rolling Down The River Found
7 The Great Gladiator Gig Found
8 Mario and the Beanstalk Found
9 Love 'Em and Leave 'Em Lost
10 Cold Spells Found
11 The Great BMX Race Found
12 Stars in their Eyes Found
13 Jungle Fever Found
14 Brooklyn Bound Found
15 The White Knight Lost
16 Toad Warriors Lost
17 The Fire of Hercufleas Found
18 Count Koopula Found
19 Pirates of Koopa Found
20 Kiss 'n' Tell Found
21 Two Plumbers and A Baby Lost
22 The Adventures of Sherlock Mario Partially Found
23 Do You Princess Toadstool Take this Koopa Found
24 The Pied Koopa Found
25 Sing for the Unicorn Found
26 Koopenstein Lost
27 On Her Majesty's Sewer Service Lost
28 Mario and Juliet Lost
29 Too Hot to Handle Lost
30 That Sinking Feeling Found
31 Hooded Robin and his Mario Men Lost
32 20,000 Koopas Under the Sea Found
33 Mighty McMario and the Pot of Gold Lost
34 Mario meets Koop-zilla Lost
35 Doppelganger Lost
36 Koopa Claus Found
37 Mario and the Red Baron Koopa Found
38 The Unzappables Found
39 Bad Rap Lost
40 Underworld Connections Lost
41 Mark of Zero Lost
42 The Ten Koopandments Found
43 The Koopa's Are Coming! The Koopa's Are Coming! Found
44 Trojan Koopa Found
45 Stinging A Stinger Found
46 Quest for Pizza Found
47 The Great Gold Coin Rush Lost
48 Elvin Lives Lost
49 Plumbers Academy Lost
50 A Hitch in the Works Found
51 Karate Koopa Lost
52 Mario of the Apes Lost
53 Princess I Shrunk the Marios Lost
54 Little Red Riding Princess Lost
55 Fairies in the Spring Lost
56 Provolone Ranger Found
57 Escape from Koopatraz Found
58 Mario of the Deep Found
59 Flatbush Koopa Found
60 Missing Link Found
61 Raiders of the Lost Mushroom Lost
62 Crocodile Mario Lost
63 Star Koopa Lost
64 Robo Koopa Found
65 The Moblins are Revolting Found


As of October 2016, at least 13 episodes were found and posted on YouTube. The only known episode to be released on home media is "The Unzappables," replacing "George Washington Slept Here."

Club Mario was very much disliked by its target audience.[2] The master tapes for the segments were also reportedly wiped by DiC Entertainment, all except for "The Unzappables".

In 2022, The Youtube channel RabbitFilmMakerTV uploaded twenty-three Club Mario episodes onto their channel.[3]

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