The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! (found live-action segments of live-action animated TV show based on game series; 1989)

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Danny Wells and Captain Lou Albano as Luigi and Mario, respectively.

Status: Found

Date found: Various dates

Found by: Various people

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! is an American children's television program from 1989, based on the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise.[1]


It was famous for having acted live-action segments starring Danny Wells as Luigi and Captain Lou Albano as Mario. Those parts were about Mario and Luigi's life before they warped into the Mushroom Kingdom. Celebrity guests would often make appearances.

Those live-action segments were followed by a cartoon episode about Mario and Luigi's lives after they were warped into the Mushroom Kingdom.

Legend of Zelda Segments

On Fridays, the Super Mario Bros. cartoons were replaced with The Legend of Zelda cartoons, but they still feature the Mario and Luigi live-action segments.[2]

The Legend of Zelda ran for 13 episodes, with as many Mario and Luigi segments accompanying them. However, Tutti Frutti, Oh Mario accompanied two separate Zelda episodes with minimal differences, meaning that there are only 12 unique live-action segments.

Episode List

# Episode Status
5 Slime Busters Found
10 Magic's Magic Found
15 Wild Thing Found
20 Mommies Curse Found
25 Fred Van Winkle Found
30 Tutti Frutti, oh Mario Found
35 The Magic Love Found
40 Defective Gadgetry Found
45 The Great Hereafter Found
50 Treasure of the Sierra Brooklyn Found
55 Pizza Crush Found
65 The Ghoul of My Dreams Found


When Shout Factory released the complete The Legend of Zelda series on DVD, only 5 of the 12 unique Mario and Luigi segments were included:

  • Fred Van Winkle
  • Defective Gadgetry
  • Pizza Crush
  • Wild Thing
  • The Great Hereafter

The live-action segment, Slime Busters, was on a separate DVD titled Mario Mania, Magic's Magic was released on the Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid VHS, and The Ghoul of My Dreams was released on the Sing for the Unicorn VHS.

On March 1st, 2021, YouTuber The Ultimate Mario Fan [TUMF] uploaded The Magic Love and Treasure of the Sierra Brooklyn in English from VHS recordings.

German distributor PIDAX released four-volume DVDs featuring all of the show's cartoons and their corresponding live-action segments. As a bonus feature, each of the four DVDs contained the live-action segments that aired with The Legend of Zelda cartoons. However, unlike the main Mario episodes which have both German and English, the bonus segments are only in German.

Volume 1 includes:

  • Slime Busters
  • Magic's Magic
  • Wild Thing
  • Mommies Curse

Volume 2 includes:

  • The Ghoul of My Dreams
  • Tutti Frutti, Oh Mario
  • Defective Gadgetry

Volume 3 includes:

  • The Magic Love
  • The Great Hereafter
  • Treasure of the Sierra Brooklyn

Volume 4 includes:

  • Pizza Crush
  • Fred Van Winkle

Despite PIDAX also releasing a DVD with the The Legend of Zelda cartoon, none of the live-action segments were included on it.

As of 2020, the series can be purchased digitally to own on VUDU, which is owned by Fandango Media with live-action segments attached.


"The Treasure of Sierra Brooklyn" uploaded by YouTuber marioxb.

The "Magic Love" episode was uploaded to YouTube (Swedish dub with English subtitles).

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