Super Mario Land (found Ambassadors of Funk music video; 1992)

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Super mario lnad gamescanner 01.jpg

The single's cover.

Status: Found

Date found: 23 Jul 2014

Found by: Anonymous

In the early 1990s, the band Ambassadors of Funk teamed up with Nintendo to make a Hip Hop album based on games in the Super Mario Bros. series. These songs were later released on an album named Super Mario Compact Disco.


While the album was only released in Japan on March 21st, 1993, one song, based on Super Mario Land, was released worldwide as a single on 7" and 12" records, on CD, and as of 2009, it is on iTunes. A promotional video was made for the song.

The video was up on YouTube for a while but was removed due to a copyright claim by Living Beat Records. However, the video has also been uploaded to other websites, such as Dailymotion. Images and gifs of the video were uploaded to Dorkly in a review of the video.[1]


It was filmed at the Chessington World Of Adventures, and possibly another location. It featured "M.C. Mario" singing along to the song, two dancers, and a person in a Mario costume dancing in a Wild West-themed attraction, the "Mystic East" attraction in the World Of Adventures and some of the other rides at the park.




The Super Mario Land music video.

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