After Hours "Why Mario is Secretly a Dick With a Mustache" (partially found extended version of internet video; 2012)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its adult subject matter/visuals.


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Status: Partially Found

After Hours has had slightly different cuts of its episodes in the past (one being the "The Best Super Power (Is Not What You Think)" episode, which was either censored or not censored on Katie's "Motherfuckers" line, depending on whether you watched the or YouTube version) and one of them was the "Why Mario is Secretly a Dick With a Mustache" episode. Specifically, the first time Cracked uploaded the episode to YouTube (after they had originally put it on Cracked)[1] they noted in the comments that it was a special extended version that was only made available here on YouTube.

This cut was different from the original in that when Micheal says "No genitals." it cuts to a picture of Bowser with a magnifying glass over his crotch to illustrate Micheal's point and after he asks "What other man does that?" instead of it immediately cutting to Katie saying "The Castlevania guy" it instead shows the Peach-resembling waitress asking about Luigi, Micheal shunning his head and then back to Katie saying "Oh, the Castlevania guy."

This version of the episode was later removed from their YouTube channel because of, as Cracked put it in the comments of the regular version's upload, "sexy legal reasons". Seeing as the only other different element of the cut would be the two additional words of dialogue, this is quite possibly referring to an official stock render of Bowser being used that could have alerted the attention of Nintendo, despite the series getting away with using numerous other aspects from the Super Mario series in the episode in-game footage and parodic animations, as well as generally using copyrighted material in movie and television clips throughout the entire series. It could also be referring to how the image was used in a humorous sexual context, but that also doesn't seem too distanced from what the episode portrays in its brain animations. Cracked also states to have switched out an element of the episode, when in actuality they just replaced the extended version with the regular version entirely, as in that case, only the Bowser genitals imagery would've been replaced and not also the extended dialogue with the waitress and Katie.

It's also worth noting that the teaser for the second season of After Hours also has alternate footage for the Mario episode that is unused or not seen on-screen. This doesn't include any footage relating to the extended version, nor is it considered a part of this lost media to be found.

While it's unknown if anyone may have copied this specific upload while it was available and still has it, a fan-made recreation of the missing scenes has since been uploaded.




The cut version of the episode currently used on Cracked and later YouTube.

A teaser for Season 2 that includes different footage from both cuts of the episode.

Fan-made recreation of the two missing scenes from the episode, alongside the alternate takes from the trailer.

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