Cosmic (partially found Atari 2600 game; existence unconfirmed; dates unknown)

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Boxart for Cosmic Corridor, a likely candidate of what Cosmic might be.

Status: Partially Found

Cosmic is a video game supposedly released on the Atari 2600 at some point in time. The game is known to have been released by 2 companies, SpaceVision, who released it in Australia, and Choplifter / Space Harrier, who released it in Thailand. It was also supposedly available on cartridge as most, if not all Atari 2600 games were.

It is also said that the game uses the joystick for controls, and that it's seemingly a 1-player only game. However though, nothing else is known about the game, and not much evidence of this game exists outside of the Atarimania pages.[1]

It's most likely that it's a repackaging of an already existing Atari 2600 game like Cosmic Corridor, Cosmic Ark, Space Jockey, among other space shooters. However though, unlike most other cartridges by the 2 companies, there doesn't seem to be any connection with any of those games, which may mean that it could be an original game of sorts. Whether or not it is an original game, is a mystery to this very day.

Eventually, a copy of the Choplifter/Space Harrier version showed up, showcasing that it was indeed a clone of Cosmic Ark. What the SpaceVision copy was, it's still up for speculation.


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