The Core (partially lost Atari 2600 game; 1999-2001)

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The one known screenshot of the game.

Status: Partially lost

The Core is a homebrew game for the Atari 2600 by Paul Oswood. The game was almost completed but a flood caused the hard drive of the game to get lost. A year before the flood, development of the game was slowing down because a lot of inconveniences had happened to Oswood. He said in an e-mail,

"I have also had a lot of weird things happen over the last month. For example, our cat peed in our dryer earlier this week, and I've spent the first part of this week taking apart the dryer and washing it out with bleach. Also, in the last two weeks, both of my children fell down and cut their head open".

Oswood thought about making a remake of The Core, but that never happened.


Two players move around a circular track. There are two circles, one in the middle of the track and one in the exterior. The two players have to deflect a ball off their own circle. The players can use the fire button to change the axis of their own paddle. If a player has the ball hit their circle once, the circle turns gray. If it happens twice, the circle turns red, and if it happens three times, the player loses the round. The controller used in the game is the driving paddle controller. The difference in between the regular paddle controller and the driving paddle controller is that the driving paddle controller allows spinning the knob forever in either directions, which makes the game a lot less tedious.


An Atariage forum user Propane13 found an image for the game in December 2022. Propane13 posted the image in the Atariage forums.[1]



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