Mission Omega (lost build of cancelled Atari 2600 game by CommaVid; early 1980s)

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The cover art for Stronghold, a game that might closely resemble, or be a prequel to Mission Omega.

Status: Lost

Mission Omega is an Atari 2600 game set for release in 1983 by CommaVid. The game was a shoot-em-up, supposedly similar to Stronghold, another game by the same company. The game was advertised in a couple of posters, & catalogs around the early 1980s, but never materialized. For a while, it's unknown as to what happened to the game, with there only being a few descriptions of the game materializing which came from the advertisements, one of which came from the programmer himself, John Bronstein.[1]

Descriptions of the Game

The advertisement with a short description of the game.

"The last mission from Earth, and only you can save the universe." "In Mission Omega I wanted to put the game player right in the cockpit with the pilot's view and flight control. Other games that are played from the pilot's perspective often give an illusion of flight, but seldom a convincing appearance. Mission Omega uses the full power of the VCS internal computer to integrate a carefully chosen flight terrain into its game play. As you dodge the internal support columns of Blackheart, the huge space station, depth and distance change accordingly. Win or lose, if you battle the computer controlled interceptor ships and really feel the best pilot won... I'll know I've succeeded."


According to a few ex-CommaVid employees, the game was finished, but was sent back to the programmer for some "fine tuning". The game ended up never being re-finished, & thus the game never got released. It seems that Bronstein might've wanted to deal with a few bugs present in the game that'll hinder the game experience.


To this day, no prototype of the game has emerged even though CommaVid is known to have archived their games really well, & also despite bootleggers sometimes releasing unreleased games like Arcadia's Cat Trax, or Taito's Time Diver. Considering their Rush Hour prototype has been preserved onto the internet as well, it might be likely that the prototype for this game might surface some day in some capacity.


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