Mr. Bill's Neighborhood (lost build of cancelled Atari 2600 game; 1983)

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Mr. Bill's Neighborhood Unreleased2600 Game.jpg

Flyer of the game.

Status: Lost

Mr. Bill's Neighborhood is a cancelled 1983 Atari 2600 game based on Mr. Bill, a clay figurine character from Saturday Night Live by Walter Williams. The game would have been developed and published by Data Age and was planned to be released in April 1983. Had it been released, it would have been the first Mr. Bill video game. The game was shown at the 1983 Winter CES.[1]


In this game, the player would try to save Mr. Bill and his family from the neighborhood and their arch rival, Sluggo. Mr. Bill's travels would have been hampered by speeding traffic, streets with dead-end alleys, and the ever-present Mr. Hands who would grab Mr. Bill and push him towards Sluggo.


Along with another one of Data Age's licensed games, Smokey Bear, both games were finished and ready to be released but were cancelled[2] due to their previous licensed game Journey Escape doing so poorly that they couldn't afford to pay the licensing fees. Even if they could, the following Video Game Crash of 1983 would have likely stopped its release. According to an article in the October 1983 issue of Video Games magazine (page 32), when Data Age folded, the license for the game was sent back to Mr. Bill creator Walter Williams.

After the cancellation of the game, no Mr. Bill games were released until 2010, when two Mr. Bill games were released in the App Store by Capcom.

No prototypes or ROMs of the game have surfaced.



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