The Incredible Hulk (lost build of cancelled Atari 2600 game; 1983)

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Status: Lost

The Incredible Hulk is a video game created by toy and game manufacturer Parker Brothers in 1983 for the Atari 2600.


In The Incredible Hulk, the player plays as Bruce Banner, as he goes through various levels. The levels in the game would get progressively harder after completing the previous level. In each level, the player would have tried to avoid turning into the Hulk.


The Incredible Hulk was supposed to be released in stores by Autumn of 1983. This was during the video game crash of 1983 (E.T. released in December 1982), in which many companies, including Parker Brothers, never released games that have already been made for the Atari 2600 and thus, the game was never released.

All that remains online of the unreleased game is a couple of screenshots from in-game, some photos of the box art, and a comic ad for the game.[1]

In 2001, a promo box was bought and scanned online, suggesting that the game's prototype might indeed exist somewhere.[2] On November 25th, 2014, an Italian user named airgames posted a forum thread on that he had a promotional copy of the game in possession. Later he admitted that he got "scammed" and the promotional copy was a fake.


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