F-1 World Grand Prix III (lost build of cancelled Nintendo 64 Formula One racing game; 2000-2001)

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Cover art of F-1 World Grand Prix III.

Status: Lost

F-1 World Grand Prix III is an unreleased Nintendo 64 Formula One racing game developed by Paradigm Entertainment and was set to be published by Video System as part of the F-1 World Grand Prix series prior to cancellation.


Before December 2020, very little information was known about the game, and its existence was questioned. The only indication that a third sequel of the F-1 World Grand Prix series was being developed came from audio developer J.D. Smith on his now defunct website Gamesoundsmith. On his website, he claims that he was contracted to work on sound design for the game, and that it was a Nintendo 64 exclusive that was "fully developed" but ultimately was never released.[1] Smith had previously been credited as working for the alleged game's prequel, F-1 World Grand Prix II,[2] which was a simulation of the 1998 Formula One Season and released in 1998.[3]

Smith also provided supposed cover art and screenshots of the game. However, these ultimately could not confirm the game's existence, because the cover art is actually just the cover of F-1 World Grand Prix but with slightly altered colouring and the addition of a III logo. Additionally, the provided screenshots originated from the listing of the original game by Paradigm Entertainment.[4]

Confirmation of existence

On 21st December, 2020, Lost Media Wiki user Red Thunder contacted a developer of Paradigm Entertainment to learn more about the game.[5] The developer confirmed that the game did indeed exist, and was intended as a Nintendo 64 exclusive. There would be little change from F-1 World Grand Prix II, aside from a few new tracks, challenges and season data, most likely reflecting the 2000 Formula One Season.

F-1 World Grand Prix III was intended for release in late 2000 or early 2001. Ultimately however, Paradigm Entertainment decided to cancel the game, because of the dwindling Nintendo 64 market that meant poor sales for the company's latest games, Duck Dodgers and Indy Racing 2000, as well as the desire to focus on next-generation titles for the GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Prior to cancellation, the game was about 90% complete, but was yet to receive quality assurance testing.


At least one test cartridge of F-1 World Grand Prix III is known to exist, where it currently belongs to the interviewed developer's boss. Ultimately, while the developer intends to discuss this with their boss in January 2021, they do warn that it is unlikely their boss will release the game to the public. According to the developer, one other copy of the game may exist, although they cannot confirm this as of December 2020.

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