F1 Racing Championship 2 (lost build of cancelled PC/PlayStation 2 Formula One game; 2001)

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Cover art of F1 Racing Championship.

Status: Lost

F1 Racing Championship 2 is an unreleased Formula One racing game developed by Video System, which was meant to be published by Ubi Soft for PC and PlayStation 2 as part of the F1 Racing Championship series prior to cancellation.


The game was intended to be a simulation of the 2000 Formula One Season, while also building upon the simulation foundations established by its prequel. Particularly, the PS2 version would receive a GPS satellite tracking feature, to realistically model tracks to within a centimetre. Additionally, it would incorporate the Revenge Engine utilised for the PC version of F1 Racing Championship, allowing for enhanced graphics consisting of up to 60,000 polygons in each track and 3,000 for each car.[1]

Other features for both versions included motion blur, camera vibrations and different contrast levels for special effects, and recreating various situations that occurred in the real 2000 season. Both ports were intended for release in the fourth quarter of 2001.[2]


Ultimately, F1 Racing Championship 2 was never released on any platform. The exact reason behind the cancellation remains unknown, although it is speculated that Ubi Soft lost the F1 licence following a dispute with the FIA over releasing the game with online multiplayer. The game was therefore reworked into Racing Simulation 3, dropping any links connecting it to Formula One, and releasing the game around December 2002.[3]


A few screenshots exist of a "work in progress" version of F1 Racing Championship 2, being speculated to have been from the PC version. Aside from these screenshots, the game itself prior to being reworked into Racing Simulation 3 has yet to be found on any platform.


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