F1 2010 (lost pre-alpha build of Formula One game; 2010)

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Cover art for the game.

Status: Lost

F1 2010 is a Formula One racing game that was developed and published by Codemasters. Released in September 2010 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the game was a simulation of the 2010 Formula One Season, and was the second Formula One game to have been released by Codemasters following on from F1 2009. During the early stages of development, a pre-alpha build was showcased, which was most notable for featuring the 2009 cars.


Despite being its second Formula One game, F1 2010 would actually be the first that Codemasters would release on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. F1 2009 was initially released for the Wii and PlayStation Portable in November 2009, and the IOS in December that same year.[1] Codemasters' plans were to allow for longer development of its second game to be released in 2010, which would not only include the 2010 Formula One cars and drivers, but also utilise the new EGO 1.5 engine, allow for online multiplayer,[2] and incorporate a comprehensive weather system.[3] Unlike its predecessor, which received mixed reviews,[4] F1 2010 earned generally positive reviews for its realism and overall gameplay.[5]

Pre-release builds

Throughout development, Codemasters would release four Developer Diaries to promote the game, as well as providing reviewers "first-looks" into the game. A pre-alpha build video and a Development Diary were uploaded on 18th March, 2010, and received positive feedback.[6][7] Further Developer Diaries would be uploaded in the months leading up to the game's official release, while a First Look video would also be uploaded in June. The most striking feature of all these videos is that gameplay did not contain the 2010 cars that the final version would be based upon, but the 2009 competitors for illustration purposes. According to Rock Paper Shotgun, other factors were because of various complications, including from sporting and technical sides.[8]

Despite the 2009 models looking relatively accurate during the early stages of development, the released version of F1 2010 contained none of the 2009 machines whatsoever. As the available screenshots and videos state, Codemasters had always intended to exclusively incorporate 2010 season data for the final release, because of licencing restrictions.[9] The 2009 data was most likely removed sometime prior to August 2010, as the fifth Developer Diary contained no footage of these cars.


Because pre-alpha build featured prominently during Codemasters' early promotion of the game, various videos and screenshots of F1 2010 with the 2009 cars are publicly available. At least one pre-alpha demo was available to play at some point, with footage uploaded to YouTube by Badger GP. Ultimately however, no pre-release builds of F1 2010 have ever been publicly released.



XboxViewTV's First Look gameplay footage.

Badger GP's Sneak Preview, showcasing the pre-alpha demo.

Developer Diary #1.

Developer Diary #2.

Developer Diary #3.

Developer Diary #4.


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