Grand Prix 3 (lost build of cancelled Dreamcast port of PC Formula One racing game; 2001)

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Cover art of the game's PC version.

Status: Lost

Grand Prix 3 (also known as Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 3 and GP3) is a Formula One racing simulation game that was developed by MicroPose UK and published by Hasbro Interactive. Released on the PC in 2000, it was a simulation of the 1998 Formula One season and was the third game to be released under the Grand Prix series. A Sega Dreamcast port was also being developed for release in 2001, but was ultimately cancelled.


In November 2000 as part of issue 13 of Official Dreamcast Magazine, and several months after the game's initial release on the PC, it was confirmed that Hasbro Interactive had commissioned a Dreamcast port of Grand Prix 3. This followed speculation of a release on the console, when Hasbro Interactive presented posters of the game with a Dreamcast logo as part of its European Computer Trade Show stand. This would have made Grand Prix 3 the first in its series to have a console release. A minor delay was caused regarding discussion on whether to include season data from the 1999 or 2000 Formula One season.[1]

A month later, Dreamcast Monthly dedicated the cover of issue 15 to the game, while also discussing rumours of an update regarding season data to replace the outdated 1998 content, as well as online gameplay.[2] Oddly, the magazine only displayed images of the PC version of the game and erroneously claimed it was an exclusive.[3] Infogrames then purchased Hasbro Interactive,[4], and announced in February 2001 that the Dreamcast port would be a simulation of the 2000 Formula One season, reflecting the PC add-on pack that contained the same season data.[5]


An Italian gaming magazine covered Grand Prix 3, where it was announced by that time the game was 80% complete. Despite this, only screenshots of the PC version were included in the two-page report. The last mention of the Dreamcast port came in February 2001, where it was anticipated for a Spring release. Ultimately, the game never made it to stores. The decision behind the cancellation is unknown, but it was likely influenced by Sega's announcement that it would it would discontinue the Dreamcast from March 31st, 2001.[6]


Although the Dreamcast port was stated to have been 80% by the time the Italian magazine covered it, no builds of this version of Grand Prix 3 have surfaced online. Because the magazines only displayed screenshots of the PC version, no images of the Dreamcast version of Grand Prix 3 are available for viewing either.


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