Racing Arrows (partially found Formula One TV series; 2001)

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Racing Arrows Pedro de la Rosa interview.jpg

A screenshot of Racing Arrows, showcasing an interview with then-Arrows driver Pedro de la Rosa.

Status: Partially Found

Racing Arrows (sometimes called The Racing Arrows), was a 13-part television series that aired on the British TV channel ITV in 2001 during late-night slots. The series followed the behind the scenes of the Arrows Grand Prix team and its drivers, Spaniard Pedro de la Rosa and Dutchman Jos Verstappen, as they competed in the Arrows A21 during the 2000 Formula One season.

Prior to 2017, very little information was known of the series. The only evidence that confirmed its existence came from sources such as Retro GP, which provided a brief synopsis of the show on their Arrows article,[1] and Martin Sharp's website, which credited him as being the series producer for Racing Arrows, as well as providing two production images of the series.[2][3] No episodes of Racing Arrows resurfaced online until June 12th, 2017, when since then, Dutch Sp33d! uploaded eleven videos that focused on the Spanish, European, Monaco, Canadian and French Grand Prix. The rest have yet to be found.



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