Nhô Anastácio Chegou de Viagem (lost Brazilian first comedy film; 1908)

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José gonçalves leonardo.png

José Gonçalves Leonardo, the actor who played "Nhô Anástacio" in the film.

Status: Lost

Nhô Anastácio Chegou de Viagem (Nhô Anastácio Arrived from a Trip in English) is a 1908 Brazilian film directed by Júlio Ferrez. It is considered the first Brazilian comedy film.[1] José Gonçalves Leonardo, who played the main character, was already famous in theaters playing Seu Ozébio, from Arthur Azevedo's A Capital Federal.[2]

Based on the song Seu Anastácio by singer Baiano, later covered by José Gonçalves Leonardo. It premiered on June 19th, 1908 at the Cinema Pathé.

Sound version

It was shown again in Rio Branco in 1909 under the title Seu Anastácio Chegou de Viagem, in a sound version, that is, with actors dubbing themselves live, behind the screen, based on already recorded images. It is not known whether the song Seu Anástacio was used in the sound version.[3]


  • José Gonçalves Leonardo as Nhô Anastácio
  • Ismênia Mateus as Unknown
  • Antonio Cataldi as Unknown


Hilarious national comic composition, showing us the pilgrimages of an old farm boy wandering, for the first time, in the Federal Capital.


No images or fragments of the film survive, only a few newspaper records.


The song "Seu Anastácio" that inspired the film.

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