Presente de Natal (partially found Brazilian animated film; 1971)

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One scene from the film.

Status: Partially Found

Presente de Natal (Christmas Gift in English) is a 1971 Brazilian animated film directed and produced by Álvaro Henrique Gonçalves. It is considered the first color animation film made in Brazil.[1]


The film was made entirely in traditional animation by Álvaro Henrique Gonçalves. He self-produced the film for six years, with no incentive from any company or government.

It was first shown in Cine Avenida in Manaus, state of Amazonas, on February 1st, and was well received. However, its popularity was restricted to that city; since then, the film has remained largely unknown.


João and Miriam, children of a poor manual worker, can only get a trip to an amusement park for Christmas. Santa Claus, however, invites them on a wonderful trip: seeing all of Brazil in the company of Saci Pererê. After the excursion, the boys wake up and ecstatically tell their parents about the trip.[1]


For a long time, only a few images from the film were available.

On January 21, 2023, the Youtuber Heitor Victor published an interview with Álvaro's son, Álvaro Brants Gonçalves, which included snippets from the film.



Video (in Portuguese) about the subject by Heitor Victor.

Heitor Victor's interview with Álvaro's son, which includes snippets from the film.

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