Os Óculos do Vovô (partially found Brazilian film; 1913)

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One scene from the film.

Status: Partially Found

Os Óculos do Vovô (Grandpa's Glasses in English) is a 1913 Brazilian film directed by Francisco Santos.[1] It is considered the oldest Brazilian fiction film still preserved. Mário Ferreira dos Santos, who would later become a philosopher, translator and writer, played the character of the grandson in the film.[2]

The director himself, Francisco Santos, played the film's titular character, the grandfather whose glasses were painted by his grandson.


  • Francisco Santos as Grandfather
  • Mário Ferreira dos Santos as Grandson
  • Graziela Diniz as Mother
  • Jorge Diniz as Alberto Silva
  • Oscar Araújo as Doctor Silveira


A naughty boy breaks his mother's vase, which makes her angry and hits the boy. Meanwhile, the smart boy runs into the arms of his grandfather, who doesn't let the boy's mother hit him.

However, the grandfather is scared when he sees that he can no longer see anything, and so he asks his son, the boy's father, to call Doctor Silveira. But in fact, it turns out that he wasn't blind, but rather his glasses were painted on by his naughty grandson.


Like countless films from that time, Os Óculos do Vovô was considered a lost film, but in the 1970s some fragments of the film were discovered. All the fragments together were around 4 minutes and 34 seconds, which was originally 15 minutes long.[3]

It was restored by Cinemateca Brasileira in the project "Resgate do Cinema Silencioso Brasileiro", in 2008. During the restoration, the film received its own soundtrack.[1]


The surviving fragments of the film.

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