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Status: Partially Found

Premier League All Stars was a football tournament held daily from 23rd to 30th September 2007. Televised live on Sky One, it was a knockout tournament featuring teams of former players, celebrities, and fans who represented each club within the 2007/08 Premier League with the aim of winning the All Stars Trophy and £100,000 for the charities they support.


Premier League All Stars was conceptualised as part of the Premier League's Creating Chances scheme, which aimed to highlight the contributions towards charities and communities it and its 20 clubs provide.[1][2][3] The knockout tournament would consist of all 20 clubs from the 2007/08 Premier League season, represented by four club legends each.[4][5][6][1][2][3] Among the former players included Ray Wilkins, David Platt, Paul Walsh, Jamie Redknapp and Ruud Gullit.[1][4][2][5][3] They would be boosted by the inclusion of celebrity fans, with Aston Villa's celebrity players including singers Ritchie Neville and Gareth Gates.[4][5][1][2][3] The remaining spots were filled by regular fans, who were selected depending on their performances in trials viewed by a panel of judges.[4][5][1][2][3] Arsenal's representatives were chosen following trials on 4th and 5th August at its training facilities.[5]

With the teams established, all 20 would compete in a knockout tournament consisting of a £300,000 prize fund.[1][2][5][3] The fact it was a knockout tournament prompted issues, as only eight could progress to the next round and there would be ten theoretical winners.[5] Thus, the tournament operated under a "worst winners" format for the first round, where teams that drew or were the worst performing winners within the top or bottom half of the draw were eliminated.[5] Games were played within the indoor Premier League All Star Arena, located within the David Beckham Academy.[5][1] Whoever won the tournament would earn £100,000 for the charities they represented.[5] The matches were all televised live by Sky One at 8pm, with the tournament being held in a single week from 23rd to 30th September 2007.[7][1][5][3] Each match lasted 20 minutes, ten for each half; scoring in the final minute of a half would trigger the "Power Play", earning the scoring side two goals.[5] Other unusual features included the "Cooler", where certain fouls resulted in blue cards that would forced the offending player to stay for two minutes within the sin bin.[5]

The show was presented by former Arsenal player Ian Wright, and Soccer AM presenter Helen Chamberlain.[1][5] After each episode was broadcast, a late-night Premier League All Stars: Extra Time show was broadcast on Sky Three, hosted by comedian Jason Manford.[5] Often, these episodes would devolve into drunken banter, but were nevertheless deemed entertaining in a review by The Set Pieces.[5] The Set Pieces also praised Premier League All Stars, stating that while on-paper the show should not have worked due to continual missing of goals and other mistakes made, it was "unmissable" television that provided a "beacon for silliness" in an era where football was becoming overly-concerned with statistics.[5]

The Matches

The opening match pitted Manchester United against Blackburn Rovers.[7] The Rovers took the lead courtesy of Simon Garner, with goalkeeper Alan Fettis ensuring his side generally led in the first-half.[7] However, United equalised two minutes before half-time via a Clayton Blackmore goal.[7] This rejuvenated the team, where substitute Lee Sharpe scored early in the second-half with a shot that deflected off Blackburn's Steven Pinder.[7] Darren Campbell made it 3-1, allowing the Red Devils to progress.[7][3] Meanwhile, Manchester City defeated Everton 3-0 following a Power Play goal from Nicky Summerbee, and another from Tom Beddard.[7][3] On day 2, West Ham United defeated Reading 4-0, where, following a goalless first-half, Power Play goals from Tamer Hassan and Tony Cottee in the second sealed the win for the Hammers.[8][3] Meanwhile, Wigan Athletic took the lead early on against Tottenham Hotspur, but Lee Barr equalised for Spurs three minutes before half-time.[8] David Howells made it 2-1 for Spurs, but two of Wigan's fans scored three late goals to achieve a 5-2 victory.[8][3]

On day 3, Derby County's Andy Wheeler opened the scoring against Liverpool within the first minute.[9] However, Jason McAteer levelled proceedings around 90 seconds later.[9] County would be up 3-1 following goals from Andy Mason and Wheeler following half-time, but Liverpool launched a comeback two minutes into the second-half via a second McAteer goal.[9] Two minutes before full-time, Nick Haycraft made it 3-3.[9] As the game ended in a draw, both sides were eliminated, as they were the weakest performers within the top-half.[9][3] Meanwhile, Bolton Wanderers' Alex Harvie scored against Chelsea three minutes in, but Kerry Dixon scored a quick equaliser.[9] Roberto Di Matteo gave the blues the lead in the second-half, but Andy Walker put the Wanderers back in contention.[9] However, another Di Matteo goal, combined with a Power Play goal from Daniel Mwanz, allowed Chelsea to progress with a 5-2 win.[9][3]

Day 4 saw Aston Villa's Mark Quinn concede an own goal just 41 seconds in against Sunderland.[10] However, Villa were 2-1 in front following a Power Play goal from Dean Saunders.[10] Rick Parfitt Jr doubled Aston Villa's lead early in the second-half, but Dan Goodman helped Sunderland launch a comeback.[10] Power Play goals from Craig Hubbard and Goodman helped Sunderland achieve a 6-3 win in the end.[10][3] In a local derby, Newcastle United's Duggie Grant gained the lead against Middlesbrough.[10] Nevertheless, United would launch a comeback with early second-half goals from Gary Havelock and Bernie Slaven.[10] Anthony Hotton levelled proceedings, but Newcastle's Dean Russo conceded a penalty that Boro's Craig Hignett converted into a goal.[10] Duggie Grant would equalise for Newcastle, and ultimately, a penalty shootout was required to decide the winner.[10] In Sudden Death, Newcastle's Warren Barton missed, allowing Mikkel Beck to score and send his team through.[10][3]

For day 5, Paul Walsh took the lead for Portsmouth against Birmingham City, but Steve Claridge equalised early in the second-half.[11] Dennis Seaton scored two goals to allow City to win 3-1.[11][3] In the final opening game, Adam Di Mambro put Fulham in the lead against Arsenal after minutes.[11] However, a 20-yard shot from Ray Parlour levelled proceedings.[11] Fulham's Bjarne Goldbaek was sent to the Cooler with two minutes remaining, but the Gunners were unable to capitalise, resulting in the match ending 1-1.[11][3] Both teams were eliminated due to their inferior result compared to the Middlesbrough-Newcastle one.[11]

Alas, the remaining match reports on Premier League's website were not archived.[3] However, the Quarter-Finals saw a Manchester Derby, which following a goalless draw, was won by United 4-3 on penalties.[3] West Ham defeated Wigan 5-2, Middlesbrough beat Birmingham 2-0, while Chelsea lost 2-0 to Sunderland.[3] In the Semi-Finals, Middlesbrough defeated Sunderland 2-0, while West Ham edged out Manchester United 3-2.[3] In the Final, Middlesbrough and West Ham were drawing 1-1 as the second-half Power Play occurred.[5] It was here that musician Alistair Griffin scored for Boro, with the Hammers unable to respond.[5] Middlesbrough therefore won the Final 3-1, providing £50,000 each for Butterwick House Children’s Hospice and Teesside Hospice.[12][5][3] Post-match, Griffin exclaimed "It was unbelievable. We just scraped through in the first rounds but we really believed we could do it."[5] In September 2014, he released an album called "From Nowhere", referring to the commentary made by Andy Burton during Griffin's goal.[5]


Despite the tournament's popularity, the Sky One broadcasts received few re-runs.[13] Aside from the program's opening titles and highlights featuring Gareth Gates, the majority of tournament footage is lost. Highlights were available on Sky's website, but were not archived on the Wayback Machine.[1] As for Premier League All Stars: Extra Time, a five-minute segment on YouTube is all that is seemingly available.



Segment featuring Gates.

Segment featuring Gates.

Segment featuring Gates.

Preview of the Aston Villa team.

Team talks prior to the Aston Villa-Sunderland game.

The teams are interviewed prior to the match.

The teams enter the pitch and are introduced.

The Sunderland-Aston Villa game.

The Sunderland-Aston Villa game.

The Sunderland-Aston Villa game.

The Sunderland-Aston Villa game.

Premier League All Stars intro.

Segment from Premier League All Stars: Extra Time.

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