Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors: Season 1 (found TNN robot combat game show; 2001)

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Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 22 Nov 2017 (Robot Rebellion and Annihilator)
23 Nov 2017 (Tag Team Terror)

Found by: Headbanger142

Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors: Season 1 was a TNN spin-off of the BBC robot combat game show Robot Wars.[1] Seven episodes were broadcast from August to October 2001, including the US Championship, and other competitions like the Robot Rebellion, Annihilator, Civil War, Tag Team Terror, War of Independence and a re-run of the Robot Wars Extreme episode the Second World Championship.[2] Prior to November 2017, a few episodes of the show had only partially resurfaced.


The Robot Rebellion was the first Season 1 episode of Extreme Warriors. Its premise centred around eight robots competing against each other for the right to face the show's House Robots, Matilda, Shunt and Sir Killalot.[3] Of the five battles shown in the episode, two remained missing prior to November 2017. These included a fight between loanerbots The Green House and Tut Tut, and a match between loanerbot Silver Box facing off against Close Enough. No footage existed of The Green House-Tut Tut battle, whilst only a ten-second snippet of the latter battle was available, showing Refbot extinguishing a burning Close Enough.

Meanwhile, the Annihilator featured as the second Season 1 episode, showcasing six competitors battling each other for five rounds, with one machine being knocked out per round.[4] The winner would be the last robot standing. Out of the five battles, only Round 3 featuring the elimination of Conquering Clown, resurfaced online. It was noted by Robot Wars Wiki that the first two rounds were also uploaded to YouTube at some point prior to November 2017, only for the videos to be hit by copyright strikes.

Finally, the Tag Team Terror was the fourth episode to be broadcast. As its title suggests, it provided a robotic form of professional tag team wrestling by featuring eight robots that were paired into teams of two, teaming together to become the inaugural champions. Out of the four battles featured, both featuring General Chompsalot and Run Away, who competed against Falcon and Joker, and Drillzilla and Tut Tut in the Final respectively, were completely missing. Beforehand, the only descriptions of the battles came from the Run Amok website.[5]


In November 2017, YouTuber Headbanger142 announced that they had obtained all episodes of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors: Season 1.[6] They would upload the episodes from 22nd to 25th November.[7] Thus, with the missing battles uploaded, Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors: Season 1 is now fully found as of the present day.


Robot Rebellion.


Tag Team Terror.

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