Robots Revenge (partially found Discovery robot combat documentary series; 2001)

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Status: Partially Found

Robots Revenge was a robot combat documentary series broadcast on Discovery Home and Leisure in 2001. The documentary series followed several teams who in the process of constructing robots before they would compete in a battle at the end of each episode.


The show is relatively obscure even among robot combat fans, with little being known about the show. Based on the available video and screenshot, the premise involved documenting a team constructing their machine within an ambitious deadline. One episode featured Team Lightning as they worked to compete against Killer Carrot 2,[1] eventually facing its opponent at the end of the episode in a losing effort.

Aside from Team Lightning, a few teams from the robot combat show Robot Wars stated they appeared on the show, including Team Big Brother and Team Panda.[2] In an interview with roboteer Simon Rafferty, his team worked on both Barber-Ous, a heavyweight drum spinner who would eventually become a heat-finalist in Series 6 of Robot Wars, and The Office Party, a flipper. The documentary showed both in construction, and though Barber-Ous would be banned from competing as it was considered too dangerous, the team won a competition with The Office Party.[3]


Likely due to its relative obscurity, no full episodes have resurfaced. The only available media consists of two screenshots from Team Lightning's website, and a five-and-a-half-minute video, showcasing Lightning during the construction phase and its battle against Killer Carrot.




Video showcasing Lightning vs Killer Carrot.

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