Why Hypno-Disc can't work in an office (found testing video of Robot Wars competitor; 2000, 2007)

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Hypno-Disc colliding into the copier.

Status: Found

Date found: 24 Sep 2021

Found by: "Chris"

Why Hypno-Disc can't work in an office (also known as Why Hypno-Disc shouldn't work in an office) was a 2007 YouTube video which featured the Robot Wars competitor Hypno-Disc. One of the first Robot Wars videos uploaded onto YouTube, it consisted of the machine destroying a photocopier, as part of its weapons tests prior to Series 4 in 2000.


Hypno-Disc debuted on the BBC 2 show Robot Wars during the show's third series, entered by the Rose Boys, consisting of twins Dave and Derek, and their father Ken. During its run from Series 3 to Extreme 2, Hypno-Disc successfully reached the Grand Final three times, including finishing runners-up in Series 3.[1] It also garnered a reputation for its ability to destroy some of its opponents thanks to its powerful horizontal flywheel, most notably against Robogeddon, Stealth and Splinter.[2] Hence, it is considered one of the most notable machines to have ever competed on the show.[3]

Sometime during the filming of Series 4, the Rose Boys recorded a video of their machine as part of a weapons test. Hypno-Disc ultimately ended up destroying a variety of office items, including a photocopier.[4] During YouTube's early years, presumed to be 2007, the video was uploaded to the platform under the name "Why Hypno-Disc can't work in an office". However, it was removed from the platform prior to the clip gaining recognition from Robot Wars fans in 2021.[5]


Using the Wayback Machine, images taken of the photocopier's destruction were able to be uncovered. The archived website also mentions video playback, suggesting the original video was on here at one point, but was not archived with the images. Interestingly, the images are spread across two pages, referencing a Weapons Test Clip 2 & 3. This suggests that there may have existed even more footage or angles of the testing that were previously unknown.

When the photos were showcased on Unofficial Robot Wars, one member stated they had a copy of the video, uploading it onto Facebook. Additionally, they linked a Dailymotion video containing the footage, called "Coppier11".[6] A reupload of Why Hypno-Disc can't work in an office, it was a thirteen second video featuring the robot colliding into the photocopier, and wrecking it in the process. It is likely that the name "Coppier11" was the reason behind why people could not find the video prior to September 2021, as the name itself was too generic.



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