Robot Wars: The Kick-Off (lost BNN robot combat special; 2001)

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Logo used for introduction titles of Dutch Robot Wars

Status: Lost

Before Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1, a robot combat gameshow, was broadcast on BNN channel Nederland 2, a special episode was broadcasted a week prior on December 24th, 2001. Known as Robot Wars: The Kick-Off, it was presented by Rob Kamphues and Bridget Maasland, and featured a behind-the scenes take of both the Dutch and original BBC versions of the show.

According to various Dutch sources, the special was said to have featured several interviews, including with the presenter of the British version of the show, Craig Charles.[1] It also featured an insight into the Dutch competitors, including the journey they took to reach the Robot Wars arena in the United Kingdom, as well as the history of the BBC version of Robot Wars.[2] Also included in the special is behind-the-scenes footage of the setup and shooting of the programme, and appearances made by the gameshow's House Robots.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Both Robot Wars: The Kick-Off and Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1, received few re-runs on BNN, nor were released on home media. But although all episodes of Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1 can be found online, no footage or screenshots of Robot Wars: The Kick-Off is as of yet accessible to the public. Two other specials according to were also broadcast on 10 and 17 December, although the existence of both remains unconfirmed.

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