Robot Wars: The Kick-Off (lost BNN robot combat special; 2001)

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Logo used for introduction titles of Dutch Robot Wars

Status: Lost

Robot Wars: The Kick-Off was a BNN robot combat special broadcast on Nederland 2 on 24th December, 2001. Its purpose was to promote the upcoming Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1, a spin-off of the British robot combat gameshow Robot Wars.


The special was presented by Rob Kamphues and Bridget Maasland, who would go on to be presenter and pit reporter for Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1 respectively. According to a few Dutch sources, the special featured interviews with various groups and individuals connected to Robot Wars. This included the Dutch competitors themselves, who discussed building their matches, travelling to the United Kingdom, and their expectations for the series. Additional interviews included some UK competitors talking about their machines; Steve Clark, the designer of the Robot Wars Arena; Chris Reynolds, who discusses the House Robots; Bill Hobbins, a producer for the show; Derek Foxwell, the show's senior technical consultant on safety issues; Craig Charles, who was the British show's presenter; and Kamphues himself.[1]

The special also acted as a documentary for the original UK series, discussing its progress and popularity. In addition, the Dutch robots would be examined in more detail, while some behind-the-scenes footage of the show would also be shown, in a similar guise to Robot Wars Revealed. Further, claimed other specials were broadcast on 10th and 17th December,[2] although the existence of both remains unconfirmed.


It is not known if Robot Wars: The Kick-Off was ever re-broadcast, although this might have proven unlikely considering it would serve no useful purpose once Dutch Robot Wars: Series 2 aired. Currently, no footage or images of the special is publicly accessible.

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