Blue Peter (partially found segments of Robot Wars teams on children's television series; 1998)

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Detonator's appearance on Blue Peter.

Status: Partially Found

Blue Peter is a long-running BBC children's magazine television show. In an episode in 1998, Robot Wars teams Dartford Girls Grammar and Bodmin Community College made an appearance on the show prior to Robot Wars' first series, with their machines Detonator and Roadblock respectively.


Dartford Girls Grammar competed on the robot combat show Robot Wars from Series 1 to 5 with robots Detonator, Napalm, and Shadow of Napalm.[1][2][3] Napalm proved the most successful, reaching the Pinball stage of the Second Wars' Semi-Finals.[2] In contrast, as detailed in Episode 1 of Robot Wars Revealed, Detonator struggled throughout the First Wars, attributed to issues ranging from a damaged fuel tank prior to filming, as well as Team Captain David Crosby forgetting to charge the machine's batteries that led to its elimination in the Trials stage.[4][1] Despite the issues, Dartford Girls Grammar appeared on Blue Peter to promote the upcoming show, demonstrating their machine.[5][4] The demonstration would end when it became stuck on the tyre stack before its engine ultimately cut out.[4] It is also known that the team appeared on The Big Breakfast around the same time period.[5]

Meanwhile, Bodmin Community College appeared on Robot Wars during its first three series.[6] Their first robot, Roadblock, would become one of the most successful on the show, winning Series 1 and reaching the Grand Final Eliminators stage in Series 2 before being defeated by Cassius.[7][8][6] The team also entered Beast of Bodmin for Series 3, which reached the second round of the Semi-Finals, where it was beaten by Steg-O-Saw-Us.[9][6] Unlike Dartford Girls Grammar, little is known surrounding the College's appearance on Blue Peter. Nevertheless, a few individuals recalled seeing Roadblock on the show, including Gary Cairns of Typhoon 2.[10]


Unlike earlier episodes of Blue Peter that were wiped or simply were not recorded, an episode broadcast in 1998 likely remains within the BBC's archives. However, the episode containing the appearances of the two Robot Wars teams has yet to publicly resurface. The only available footage consists of Detonator's demonstration in Robot Wars Revealed.[4]



Detonator's appearances in Series 1 and the War of Independence.

Roadblock's run in Series 1.

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