Robotica (found TLC robot combat game show; 2001-2003)

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Status: Found

Date found: Various dates

Found by: Various people

Robotica (along with BattleBots and Robot Wars) were the three Robot Combat game shows that aired on TLC, from 2001-2002. Unlike its peers, it had a very different format, with each robot going through different obstacles, with the robot that gets the most points making the combat stage called "The Fight to the Finish". The series is available in its entirety as of March 25th, 2020, as the only remaining missing episode has been uploaded to Youtube.

Discovery Networks still owns the masters for Robotica, and Season 3 did have a brief re-run on The Science Channel in 2009. This was the lesser-known of the three Robot Combat shows, and wasn't as popular as its rival shows, only managing a total of 3 seasons, and 21 episodes before being cancelled in late 2002 due to poor ratings, and the sport returning to its live event roots with reruns airing on TLC until sometime in 2003 when the show was finally taken off air. Unlike Battlebots and Robot Wars, the show has not been rebooted as of 2017, and it is unknown if it ever will be.


Season 1

Season 1 consisted of seven episodes; unlike other seasons, this season of Robotica had a third event called "The Speedway" and a completely different version of "The Gauntlet", and "The Maze". In the following seasons, The Speedway would be completely nixed, and both "The Gauntlet" and "The Maze" would go through a complete redesign.[1] This season was won by Run Amok, which unlike other seasons, fought three robots in the Fight to the Finish.

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Robotica Season 1, Episode 1 Apr 4th, 2001 Found
2 Robotica Season 1, Episode 2 Apr 11th, 2001 Found
3 Robotica Season 1, Episode 3 Apr 18th, 2001 Found
4 Robotica Season 1, Episode 4 Apr 25th, 2001 Found
5 Robotica Season 1 Episode 5 May 2nd, 2001 Found
6 Robotica Season 1 Episode 6 May 9th, 2001 Found
7 Robotica Season 1 Championships May 16th, 2001 Found

Season 2

Season 2 started with a completely different format, The Speedway was gone, and The Gauntlet, and The Maze were completely redesigned to allow both robots to make contact with each other.[2] This season was won by Flexy Flyer, a robot whose debut episode was considered lost media until March 25th, 2020, and some episodes like Season 2, Episode 3 are in poor shape.

# Episode Title Air Date Status
8 Robotica Season 2, Episode 1 Nov 4th, 2001 Found
9 Robotica Season 2, Episode 2 Nov 11th, 2001 Found
10 Robotica Season 2, Episode 3 Nov 18th, 2001 Found
11 Robotica Season 2, Episode 4 Nov 25th, 2001 Found
12 Robotica Season 2, Episode 5 Dec 2nd, 2001 Found
13 Robotica Season 2, Episode 6 Dec 9th, 2001 Found
14 Robotica Season 2 Championships Dec 16th, 2001 Found

Season 3

Season 3 followed the same format as Season 2, like Seasons 2, and 3 this season also had 7 episodes. This was to be the final season, due to a combination of both suffering from sagging ratings since Season 1, and the sport of Robot Combat going back to its live event roots, the show was cancelled following the Season 3 Championships. The winner of the final season was Panzer Mk. 3.

# Episode Title Air Date Status
15 Robotica Season 3, Episode 1 Oct 5th, 2002 Found
16 Robotica Season 3, Episode 2 Oct 12th, 2002 Found
17 Robotica Season 3, Episode 3 Oct 19th, 2002 Found
18 Robotica Season 3, Episode 4 Oct 26th, 2002 Found
19 Robotica Season 3, Episode 5 Nov 2nd, 2002 Found
20 Robotica Season 3, Episode 6 Nov 9th, 2002 Found
21 Robotica Season 3 Chamionships Nov 16th, 2002 Found

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