See Hear (lost appearance of Robot Wars team on BBC magazine show; 1999)

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Team Berserk's appearance on See Hear.

Status: Lost

See Hear is a BBC magazine show dedicated to deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. On the 13th March 1999 edition of the show, Robot Wars team Team Berserk made an appearance on the show, discussing their time on Robot Wars and introducing Berserk 2 as their latest machine.


Team Berserk competed on the robot combat show Robot Wars from Series 2 to 5 with robots Berserk, Berserk 2, and Twister.[1] Berserk was a superheavyweight that exclusively fought in the Super Heavyweight Championship, reaching the Final where it lost to Kick Robut.[1] Berserk 2 was the team's most successful machine, a heavyweight that reached the Heat Final of Series 3, and Round 2 of Series 4.[2][3] Its most notable fight was its Series 3 Heat Final clash with Hypno-Disc, giving the future three-time Grand Finalist its first true challenge but ultimately losing said match by a Judges' decision.[2] The team also entered Twister, but lost in Round 1 of Series 5 to Clawed Hopper.

Three members of Team Berserk, Stuart Ford, Christopher O'Connell, and Graham Kershaw, were deaf, communicating in sign language throughout their time on Robot Wars.[4] Thus, they were allowed to bring in an interpreter as a fourth team member, with this role being fulfilled by Kershaw's son Martin.[4] With the Super Heavyweight Championship set to be broadcast as part of the Grudge Matches on 12th March 1999, they were invited to appear on See Hear on Saturday.[4] In their segment, which was broadcast a day after their first Robot Wars appearance, Team Berserk discussed their time on the show, while also introducing an incomplete Berserk 2 that they aimed to enter for the Third Wars.[5][4]

Additionally, Team Berserk stated that their disability did not hamper their time on the show.[4] However, Ford recalled that the producers for Robot Wars believed interpreters performed their services free of charge, and so did not provide the team one when this turned out to not be the case.[4] Nevertheless, they were allowed to bring in Martin Kershaw to perform this role.[4]


Both Issue 3,917 of Radio Times and the See Hear website confirmed Team Berserk's appearance on the show, with the latter providing a photo.[5][4] However, the entirety of the 13th March 1999 edition of the show has yet to publicly resurface.



Berserk 2 vs Hypno-Disc.

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