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Status: Partially Found

BattleBots is an American robot combat show. Originally airing on television from 2000 to 2002, and again in a revived form since 2015, the premise consists of radio-controlled robots competing in elimination weight-based tournaments inside the BattleBox. Prior to the filming of each season since 2015, dress rehearsal fights were recorded to test the audial and visual equipment.


Dress rehearsals, also known as demo fights, have commenced as early as 2015, when BattleBots was revived for a six-episode season on ABC.[1][2] Considering the shear extent of battles to film, especially in the 2000-2002 era, the demo fights ensured optimal match film quality by allowing the filming crew training opportunities.[2] It is not the only robot combat show to have done this, with Robot Wars filming a pilot prior to Series 8 that achieved the same purpose.[3]

The Battles

For Season 1, two reserve machines took part in what was the first ever bout of the revival era.[2] Swamp Thing was a Hardcore Robotics-entered machine that had previously competed in the 2004 NPC Charity Event.[4] Aside from this, Swamp Thing had never participated in BattleBots-sanctioned competitions, and was ultimately not selected for Season 1 of the ABC era.[2] Nevertheless, it was set to compete for the demo fight, armed with a hammer.[2] Its flamethrower was banned for this fight according to team member Rick Russ. It faced Chronic, built by Team MAD as a rebuild of Kronic the Wedgehog, who had achieved strong success in UK tournaments following the original end of Robot Wars in 2004.[5] Like with Swamp Thing, Chronic was not selected for the tournament. Armed with a flipper, Chronic struggled against Swamp Thing, losing both its tail and some of its foam spikes during the battle.[2] The encounter ended in a Judges' decision, with Swamp Thing picking up the win. Neither robot has since competed in later editions of BattleBots, with a second version of Chronic being converted to establish Robot Wars: Series 8 champion Apollo.[6]

No confirmation exists surrounding whether Season 2 received a dress rehearsal. However, when the show moved to Discovery for Season 3, two main show competitors, Monsoon and Red Devil, competed in the next demo fight.[7] Monsoon was a newcomer, entered by Team Monsoon and armed with a vertical spinner.[8] Red Devil competed in Season 2, reaching the Round of 16 before losing to Bombshell.[9] Entered by All Black Robotics, it was a tracked machine armed with a grappling arm and saw blade.[9] In a match where both robots were forbidden to utilise their weapons, Monsoon picked up the victory. Monsoon was retired in favour of its sequel, Monsoon 2, while Red Devil was retired after unsuccessful attempts to enter subsequent seasons.[10][11]

Regarding Season 4, Free Shipping and Foxtrot competed in a repainted BattleBox.[12][13] Free Shipping, entered by Team Special Delivery and armed with a forklift, had previously competed in Season 3, being knocked out in Fight Night after a loss to WAR Hawk.[14] In contrast, Foxtrot was making its debut, the Team Danby machine being armed with a lifter.[15] Not much is known surrounding the fight, but Craig Danby confirmed his machine Foxtrot came out victorious.[13] Free Shipping has since been a mainstay on BattleBots, while Foxtrot was retired not long after its only season, its parts gutted to restore Foxic, while the shell became a coffee table.[16][14]

In Season 5, Skorpios and Tantrum competed in action. Both machines were BattleBots veterans, debuting in Season 2 and 3 respectively.[17][18] Both were spinners, with Offbeat Robotics' Skorpios being armed with an overhead saw, and Tantrum being equipped with a vertical drum by its team Seems Reasonable Robotics.[17][18] Very little is known surrounding this demo fight, with not even a winner being officially declared. Skorpios also participated in Season 6's dress rehearsal; according to its team, a contributing factor for its selection was that it became one of the earliest to have passed pre-competition inspections. Alongside it was Season 3 veteran Kraken, entered by CE Robots and armed with a crusher.[19] Unlike the other rehearsals, this encounter was not really a battle. Rather, it was used to test the new Upper Deck, as the producers needed to examine its consequences for camerawork. This is possibly why the Upper Deck from changed from yellow to red for the actual season. Skorpios was called-up for a possible World Championship VII rehearsal, with HyperShock also called upon only for its team to decline.[20][21] Ultimately, the battle was cancelled as the producers deemed it unnecessary, having achieved optimal lighting beforehand.[22]


The demo fights were never intended to air on television. Thus, despite the matches being recorded, most of the footage has since been locked away. For the Season 3 and 5 battles, no photos exist either. The only footage of these matches that has resurfaced are behind-the-scenes recordings; these include an Instagram post from Team Special Delivery showing Free Shipping in the red square, and footage of the Skorpios-Kraken uploaded to YouTube by Offbeat Robotics as part of a Season 6 sneak peak.[12]



Behind-the-scenes footage of the Skorpios-Kraken encounter.

Pory Nog's "11 Pieces of BattleBots Lost Media" detailing the dress rehearsal battles (7:10-8:31).

Rick Russ discussing the Chronic-Swamp Thing battle (starts 2:46:50).


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