The Big Breakfast (lost appearance of Robot Wars team on Channel 4 breakfast show; 1998)

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Dartford Girl Grammar's appearance on The Big Breakfast.

Status: Lost

The Big Breakfast is a Channel 4 breakfast light entertainment show that originally aired from 1992 to 2002. In an episode broadcast in early-1998 Robot Wars team Dartford Girls Grammar made an appearance on the show prior to Robot Wars' first series, with their machine Detonator.


Dartford Girls Grammar competed on the robot combat show Robot Wars from Series 1 to 5 with robots Detonator, Napalm, and Shadow of Napalm.[1][2][3] Napalm proved the most successful, reaching the Pinball stage of the Second Wars' Semi-Finals.[2] In contrast, as detailed in Episode 1 of Robot Wars Revealed, Detonator struggled throughout the First Wars, attributed to issues ranging from a damaged fuel tank prior to filming, as well as Team Captain David Crosby forgetting to charge the machine's batteries that led to its elimination at the Trials stage.[4][1]

Nevertheless, the team made a number of appearances on other shows prior to the airing of the First Wars.[5] Alongside an appearance on the BBC children's show Blue Peter, where they demonstrated Detonator, they were also invited to appear on The Big Breakfast[5]. Unlike with their Blue Peter appearance however, little is known about the segment itself, although a photo on the team's website confirms its existence.[6][5]


Ultimately, many of The Big Breakfast's episodes are also lost media. This includes the episode containing the Dartford Girls Grammar segment, with the only currently available media linked to it being a photo on the team's archived site.[6]



Detonator's appearances in Series 1 and the War of Independence.

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