Robot Wars Revealed (partially found BBC Choice spin-off of robot combat gameshow; 1998)

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Status: Partially Found

Robot Wars Revealed was a spin-off series of the BBC robot combat gameshow Robot Wars, which aired on BBC Choice in 1998. Hosted by Philippa Forrester, the show presented a behind-the-scenes look at Series 2, such as broadcasting the competitors' video diaries, to the setting up of trials and battles.

At the time Robot Wars Revealed was first broadcasted, BBC Choice was a fledgling television channel, created to entice British people to buy digital set-top boxes[1]. However, few were purchased during this time period, meaning that very few people were able to watch and henceforth record the show. Also, no home media of Robot Wars Revealed has ever been released. Because of this, much of Robot Wars Revealed is now lost, with the spin-off series cast into relative obscurity since then.

Out of a total of around fourteen episodes, only two have resurfaced.[2] On the Feburary 20th, 2017, Simon Harrison of the King Buxton team was able to find a VHS recording of the episode focusing on Heat I, which was eventually uploaded to YouTube three days later. On March 18th, 2018, John Denny of Team 13 uploaded the epsiode concerning Heat G.

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