Scratch 'n' Sniff's Den of Doom (partially lost CITV quiz show; 2007)

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Scratch N Sniff Logo.png

The show's logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Scratch 'n' Sniff's Den of Doom was a British quiz show that aired on CITV in 2007. The show is hosted by the titular puppet Hyena characters; Scratch (Voiced by Don Austen) and Sniff (Voiced by John Eccleston) who asks multiple choice questions with a multitude of skits to the contestants throughout the show. The show aired for one season before being cancelled with a total of 15 episodes.


The show consists of 5 contestants that the Hyenas have captured to play in their game. In each round, the contestants have to answer questions to avoid being dunked in the host's cooking pot to be eaten for their dinner.[1][2] Round one and two starts by each contestant asked in a clockwise rotation a multiple choice question of two answers. If the question is answered wrongly, they step closer to the Drop Zone. However, if the question is answered correctly, the contestant gets to choose another contestant to get sent one step further into the Drop Zone. After the contestant taken three steps forward, they find themselves in the Drop Zone and Sniff will ask the losing contestant a riddle called the "Question Impossible" which will get answered incorrectly. The losing contestant will then be dropped by Scratch and Scratch's makes a remark at the losing contestant's expense.

During the advert break, the show cuts to a skit called "What's In Your Pants." The skit shows the Hyenas in the safari. Scratch being dressed as an explorer will asks the viewer what creature has entered Sniff's pants while describing its attributes. After the break, the creature is revealed before continuing the rest of the show.

The third round is called "Double Drop." In this round, it continues as the first two, but it keeps going until two or three contestants are on the Drop Zone.

The last remaining contestant is then interviewed by the Hyenas whilst to attempt to dent the finalist confidence. The contestant is then presented by more multiple-choice questions with five answers, each being represented by the contestant's Drop Zone. They're given 10 seconds to answer, with the incorrect answer being revealed one by one. The eventual outcome will then either be that they lose by falling into the the pot or they win with a trophy and gets chased off by the Hyenas in which they don't succeed in doing so. Though if all the contestants have fallen, the Hyenas will taunt the finalist before turning to the viewer and explaining that they're off to find more contestants.


The show was produced by the Foundation in 2006 and originally broadcast on ITV1 (CITV weekend block) in 2007. Den Of Doom was rerun on the CITV Channel on special occasions; Half Term Horridays (March 2007) [3] and CITV Goes Bananas (February 2008) [4] before being added to the regular schedule in 2009. it has reruns up until early 2011 in which the show was removed in CITV's show listing.[5] Only eight episodes of the show were found but the other seven hasn't been found in full.

Episode List

# Contestants Winners? Status
1 Lothaire, Bobby, Maddy, Kezia, and Chloe No Found
3 Edward, Riche, Millie, Paige, and Maxine Yes Found
3 Ejiro, Gemma, Emma, Abigail, and Frankie No Partially Found
4 James, Oliver, Sam, Chris, and Matt Yes Found
5 Joel, Zoe, Sam, Chad, and Dougie Yes Found
6 Joe, Star, Daisy, Dani, and Adam No Partially Found
? Isaac, Omar, Brittany, Dylan, and Grace Yes Found
? Luke, Ben, Thomas, Grace, and Yasmin No Found
? Josef, Charley, Joe, James, and Sam Yes Found
? Eleanor, Katie, Laura, Lauren, and Harriet Yes Found
? Unknown Unknown Partially Found
? Unknown Unknown Partially Found
? Unknown Unknown Partially Found
? Unknown Unknown Partially Found
? Unknown Unknown Partially Found


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