Sonic the Hedgehog (cancelled Amiga port of platformer series; 1992)

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Sonic1 amiga.jpg

Possibly faked advertisement for the game.

Status: Lost

In 1991, Italian gaming magazine The Games Machine had an article discussing the original Sonic the Hedgehog being ported to various home computers, mainly the Commodore Amiga. It was going to be published by U.S. Gold and would have likely been released in June 1992. However, it was never released, possibly due to disagreements between Sega and U.S. Gold.

Two screenshots have surfaced, both of which were sourced out of the aforementioned article and, based on these screenshots, the game may have had entirely new level designs and possibly even new levels, similar to the Game Gear version. Additionally, the title screen depicts Sonic's "American" design as opposed to the Japanese version.

However, it’s theorized that these screenshots may have been faked, Spanish gaming magazine Superjuegos featured completely different screenshots of the port and user RACCAR on the SonicAges forum also posted screenshots of this version’s demo, also dated June 1992.


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