Tornado Hunters (partially found Silly Song segment of VeggieTales direct-to-video series; early 2010s)

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Still from the segment.

Status: Partially Found

Silly Songs with Larry is a segment in the hit children's series, VeggieTales. All the songs are incredibly easy to find, however, one remains lost. This Silly Song was called Tornado Hunters, and it starred Larry the Cucumber, Jimmy Gourd and Mr. Nezzer, who are on the hunt for tornadoes.


The origins of the song date back to an incident when series creators Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki were attending Bible college in the mid 1980s. Despite tornado warnings in the area requiring everyone to take shelter, Phil and Mike ran out into the storm throwing toilet paper rolls into the air to locate the tornadoes and catch them with garbage bags. Dubbing themselves "tornado hunters", they wrote a short theme song that they would sing while hunting.[1]

An extended version of the song they sung was eventually made into a Silly Song over 25 years later, and was to appear in the 2012 episode "Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men". However, around the time the episode was being finalized, a massive tornado hit the southern U.S. Despite being fully rendered and composed, the song was scrapped at the last minute out of respect for the incident.[2][3] What eventually took its place was the song Bubble Rap, which previously debuted in the song compilation "If I Sang a Silly Song...".

Known Lyrics

Tornado hunters are we!

Tornado hunters are we!

We catch tornadoes in our nets and throw them into trees.

To trees, to trees!

We throw them into trees.

We catch tornadoes in our nets and throw them into trees.


For the longest time, the only proof of this Silly Song's existence was in an error on the DVD of "Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men", where it was accidentally shown in the chapter selection instead of Bubble Rap.

On January 7, 2024, a color script, strongly resembling the setting shown in the existing footage, was discovered on Marc Camelbeke's website, suggesting it was likely created for the Silly Song.[4]

On March 11, 2024, Phil Vischer revealed a portion of the lyrics in an interview.



Footage found so far.

Interview with Phil Vischer, where he sings a section of the song (1:00:49).

Fan-dubbed recreation of the tune.

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