VeggieTales: Whale-Watching Party (partially found event kit based on animated movie; 2002)

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Whale-Watching Party logo.

Status: Partially Found

VeggieTales: Whale-Watching Party was a event kit given to churches to "bring families together and learn in fun new ways"[1] and also promote Big Idea's first movie, Jonah: a VeggieTales Movie.

The event kit was given to churches and included:

  • An event guide
  • Bulletin insert
  • Reusable tickets and clip art
  • Two reusable activity pages
  • The Whale-Watching Party video
  • A balloon
  • Information card
  • Two Jonah posters
  • Two free tickets for Jonah: a VeggieTales movie
  • A copy of Jonah Sing-Along Songs and More!

Participating churches would also get a screener copy of The Star of Christmas for church screenings later that year.


The event kit, along with all that was included has been lost. The only found media involving the event kit is three .pdfs from an archived version of with details on the event along with an insert and activity sheets.

On August 11th, 2019, user Lost Media Freak 2003 uploaded the full 'Whale-Watching Party' video that was used for the event. However, it was eventually taken down. Later on May 28, 2021, user Weirdo2003 reuploaded the full 'Whale-Watching Party' video which it could be found here.

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