VeggieTales/Nashville Predators (partially lost VeggieTales hockey pumpers; 2012)

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Screenshot of one of the pumpers.

Status: Partially Lost

VeggieTales is a Christian children's franchise created by Big Idea in 1993.


Around early 2012, Big Idea produced a series of pumpers featuring VeggieTales characters to be played at different sporting events, most of which were centred around baseball. These pumpers were typically very short in length and would mark certain points or achievements during the games, including a home run or a 7th-inning stretch. All of these pumpers were animated by slimboJones, a team of former Big Idea animators.

A few hockey-themed pumpers were also created in conjunction with these. Little information is known about these pumpers aside from the fact that they were specifically created for the Nashville Predators team.[1]


Although most of the aforementioned pumpers are available on the official VeggieTales YouTube channel, the only footage of the hockey-themed pumpers that could be found were in a demo reel from slimboJones' YouTube channel.

On August 1, 2023, Joe McFadden, founder of SlimboJones, uploaded several of the hockey pumpers to his Twitter account, which were compiled into one video by VeggieTales Music Archive the following day. This confirmed that more than one pumper was created. However, some pieces included in the demo reel were not uploaded in full by slimboJones, furthering the question of how many pumpers were created.



Demo reel containing clips from the pumper.

Compilation of the hockey pumpers.

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