Bob & Larry Family Fun (lost content of VeggieTales DVD; 2003)

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Dvd 3d.jpg

Cover for the DVD.

Status: Lost

Bob & Larry Family Fun is a church-exclusive interactive DVD curriculum made by BigIdea, based on the hit children's series, VeggieTales. The DVD would've been bought by calling the number 1-800-288-1600.

Very little info has come up on this DVD. No videos of this DVD have been released online, and the DVD itself has not surfaced on Amazon or eBay. It is currently unknown if anyone actually bought the DVD.


This DVD included:

  • 30 activities with live-action footage featuring real families
  • Animated greeting by Bob and Larry
  • DVD-Rom games
  • Promotional materials
  • Video clips of Family Fun events
  • 15 VeggieTales songs


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