VeggieTown Values (found series of VBS videos; 1998-2001)

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Logo for the 2000 VBS.

Status: Found

Date found: 06 Nov 2019

Found by: Various people

VeggieTown was a series of Vacation Bible School (VBS) kits made by BigIdea, based on the popular children's series VeggieTales. This VBS taught kids about forgiveness, kindness, and sharing, among others. With these VBS kits, came a video about helping kids talk, a collection of edited VeggieTales videos, and a series of 10 animated greetings from Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. The popularity of this VBS led to multiple other VBS kits throughout 2000 and 2001, such as VeggieTown Values: On the Job, VeggieTown Values: For the Family, and Jonah: an Overboard Adventure.


Many of the animated greetings have been uploaded to YouTube by OneAndOnlyTubaCelloGuy, but his channel was taken down shortly after. Luckily, mirrors of the greetings have been uploaded. Until January 23rd, 2019, half of the visuals to the 2000 animated greetings were lost, the only proof being audio from a CD that also came in the 2000 kit. The latter 5 greetings from 2000 were only available via purchase through a free e-mailing card (now defunct) which someone could sign and then send it off so that person could acquire a VHS tape with all 10 greeting inserts. The 2001 greetings only resurfaced in audio form, and considering the fact that the greetings only came on a CD, it is currently unknown whether these were animated or not. The Helping Kids Talk video was uploaded to YouTube in 2015 but was taken down shortly after. It was eventually re-uploaded on July 31st, 2018, but then taken down.

On January 23rd, 2019, YouTuber Mr. Media Man uploaded a low-quality camera recording of the latter half of the 2000 animated greetings, which was later re-uploaded as a high-quality VHS rip by NebbaKNezzafan228.

On September 4th, 2019, Discord user Pychosław98 ripped the entire Welcome to Jonah: an Overboard Adventure VHS, which was then uploaded on YouTube by user Mr. Lunch.

On November 6th, 2019, YouTube user BradenHall TheMaster ripped the 2001 Welcome to VeggieTown VHS and uploaded it to, which was mirrored onto YouTube by Mr. Lunch 2 days later on November 8.

List of Videos

Animated Greetings

List of animated greetings by Bob and Larry.

# Vacation Bible School Year Released Status
1 VeggieTown Values 1998 Found
2 VeggieTown Values: On the Job! 2000 Found
3 VeggieTown Values: For the Family 2001 Found
4 Jonah: an Overboard Adventure 2001 Found

Other Videos

List of videos specifically made for the VBS kits.

# Name Year Released Status
1 Helping Kids Talk 1998 Found
2 Welcome to VeggieTown! 2000 Found
3 Welcome to VeggieTown! 2001 Found
4 Welcome to Jonah: an Overboard Adventure! 2001 Found
5 Sharing God's Values Through the Story of Jonah 2001 Found



The 1998 animated greetings.

The 2000 animated greetings.

The 2001 greetings. (audio only)

Helping Kids Talk (1998).

Welcome to VeggieTown (2000).

Welcome to VeggieTown (2001).

Welcome to Jonah: an Overboard Adventure (2001).

Sharing God's Values Through the Story of Jonah (2001).

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