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UPDATE 2.21! (Added 25 Dec 2015)

New Lost Media Chronicles.

Hello and Merry Christmas Lost Media seekers!

Got a brand new Lost Media Chronicles for you guys. This round I cover a musical I watch every Christmas, RENT. Making its debut in 1996, the musical became massively popular, but no known video recordings in high quality with the original cast are known to exist. Also be sure to keep your eyes out for the next 2Beats+. We got our season finale coming soon. Finally, we got our Live Music Month going on still. Be sure to check that series out!

Thanks guys and have a wonderful holiday season!

-Your friendly neighborhood Shoegazer

UPDATE 2.20! (Added 8 Dec 2015)

The Moxy Show world premiere VHSRip, courtesy of Kyle Ruhe.

Bolivar el Heroe, courtesy of YouTuber A. Ariza.

Screenshot from Mark Marek's website.

Hey guys!

A fresh batch of found media has made its way online, just in time for Christmas; let's take a look!

  • First up, the Moxy Show world premiere VHS tape that showed up on eBay a few weeks back has been ripped by the auction winner, Kyle Ruhe, who has graciously provided us with a copy! I've since uploaded the tape's contents to Vimeo, which you can view above (direct, uncompressed download link coming soon). Thanks again Kyle!
  • Secondly, Bolivar el Heroe has been found! The infamously bad Colombian animated film was uploaded a few days back by YouTuber A. Ariza (and it's worth noting that it rivals Rapsittie Street Kids in terms of its cheesiness, so if you can speak Spanish and/or want a cheap laugh, go check it out). Thanks A. Ariza!

That'll do it for today's notice board post. Hope you guys all have a great holiday, catch you next time!

'Til then,


UPDATE 2.19! (Added 26 Nov 2015)

New Episode of The Lost Media Chronicles.

Astrology with Squidward - Sagittarius.

2Beats+ Radiohead Part 1.

2Beats+ Radiohead Part 2.

Hello guys!

New update finally with some big news for you guys. First off, I apologize for my even bigger lack of activity than ever. I have a really nasty knee injury that's been halting video production and it's been hard on me. It's gonna take a few weeks to heal, but I'm alright.

As you guys know, the holidays are among us. So, that means a Christmas-themed episode of The Lost Media Chronicles coming up, based on a musical I strongly associate with Christmas. I know I talk about the next subject being about video game stuff, but due to these rough times for me, I have to hold back. But keep an eye out for that new episode, hopefully before Christmas.

It is also my pleasure to announce that the Astrology With Squidward segment for Sagittarius has finally surfaced. Special thanks goes to YouTuber SpongeBrandedExtra for uncovering this.

As you see above, there is a new episode of Lost Media Chronicles posted above. This episode covers the partially lost music video for the Radiohead song "Let Down". Made in 1997, the video was briefly featured online before being removed, possibly by Thom Yorke itself, interrupting the download of the person who spread the file around. Be sure to also check out the 2 parts of 3 of Radiohead that we've covered for 2Beats+. We talk about some rare Radiohead media in those videos as well.

Also, keep your eyes open in December for a series of videos I'll be doing about the bands I've reviewed over the year in a live setting. They'll be short, but sweet. Since live shows are heavily sought after, you can bet I'll bring up some of the issues media seekers face with live shows.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you from the wiki. In tough times like this, I feel like throwing my hands up and quitting. But these videos and this wiki keep me going. I'm facing a potential job loss because of this knee injury, and you guys keep me from getting too depressed. I just wanted to let you guys know that you make it all worth it at the end of the day.

Happy Holidays, Lost Media seekers!

-Your friendly neighborhood Shoegazer

UPDATE 2.18! (Added 15 Oct 2015)

New Episode of The Lost Media Chronicles.

Part 1 of the Coldplay Review of 2Beats+.

Vlog Review of The Walk.

Greetings fellow lost media seekers!

First off, as a lot of you have read on the shoutbox, Dycaite is trying out a new Captcha system as a means of trying to prevent the spam articles from being made. We do apologize about the constant occurrence of that, and we're doing everything we can to stop it. I wish I was a bit more savvy on modding a site to stop such things from happening, but that is not my forte.

Now, onto the purpose of the Notice Board post. I finally have a brand new Lost Media Chronicles out, this time detailing the unreleased tracks done by British alternative rock band Coldplay. It's more about the nature of unreleased/ lost tracks done by bands, and how it affects the music industry. Also, be sure to check out our 2 part review of Coldplay's discography of 2Beats+ for a bit more context, if your heart so desires.

Also included is my Vlog review for the movie The Walk, which touches upon my obsession with the World Trade Center towers. In that video is also some details about some updates about the channel.

One more thing to close out this update. A bit of controversy has arisen surrounding the Christine Chubbuck video. There are viewers that are confusing the video as some sort of bait and switch, to trick them into thinking that the video contains the news broadcast (which isn't true, but you can't blame them for not knowing what my series does/ is about). If you choose to debate with these viewers, please do so respectfully. I've already had to remove the comments of a couple of rowdy LMW readers. I know for the most part here, we try to keep level-headed, but please do remember to be polite and don't add fuel to the fire. Some of the viewers bashing it are also well-known trolls from the old wiki, and we'd rather try to keep that fight as calm as we can.

Thanks for watching and I hope you guys all have a bright, happy day!

-Your friendly neighborhood Shoegazer

UPDATE 2.17! (Added 28 Sep 2015)

Hu-Man title screen.
Terrifying 9.11 start screen (Li Cheng version).
McDonaldland Loch screenshot, taken from maximum quality rip.
Compilation of all currently known footage of The Moxy Show.

One minute of original Robot Jones voice recordings.

Hey guys!

Some more really neat stuff has come to pass in the last couple of weeks, so let's dive straight into today's notice board post and check 'em out:

  • Firstly (and most astonishingly), a copy of the ludicrously elusive 1975 Terrence Stamp film Hu-Man has been unearthed by Cinemageddon user Goupil66! While this copy is not in its original English dub, but rather a French one, subtitles have already been created by fellow CG'ers aloysius70 and corvusalbus and thus the film can now be enjoyed by both French and English audiences alike; huge thanks go to all involved, I have personally been wanting to see this one for some time now! Those without a Cinemageddon account can download the film here and the subtitles here.
  • Secondly, the Li Cheng version of Terrifying 9.11 has been successfully dumped and uploaded by taizou at Handheld Underground! I know first-hand that dumping this cartridge was no easy feat, so big thanks to taizou for his efforts, they're much appreciated! Both the raw ROM dump and a fixed version can be obtained here.
  • For those who missed my Shoutbox comment on the topic, I recently received my McDonaldland Loch VHS and have ripped and uploaded my version (in the highest possible quality and with proper stereo audio), obtainable here.
  • More Moxy Show footage has been uncovered! LMW regular Thomas Paul Jennings made the discovery (via previously uploaded clips that slipped under the radar and that come courtesy of Frank Gresham) and has conveniently edited all currently available footage into a single video, viewable above. Thanks Thomas!
  • And finally, another minute or so of original Robot Jones voice recordings have surfaced courtesy of Vimeo user Lincar Rox! Thanks Lincar!

That's about all for today's notice board post, though I'd just like to wrap it up by thanking everyone who came to hang out during Found Media Week from the 8th through to the 13th of September. I had a really great time organising it all and I hope you guys also enjoyed it :) For anyone who missed out though, fear not, for you can find a recap of the 6 found pieces of media released here.

Until next time,



Title screen.
Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa.

Well guys, here it is... The sour cream of the crop, the unholy grail of 3D animation, Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa.

I'm not gunna go into the specifics of how I managed to get my hands on this film, suffice to say that it was a rather unpleasant experience. However, that is all water under the bridge now and the film is finally here for all to enjoy (well, enjoy may be a bit of a stretch, but you know what I mean).


I really don't have much more to say about this film that it doesn't already say for itself. Thanks to those involved in getting this movie out in the open, and I'm sorry we couldn't end things on more amicable terms; c'est la vie.

Have fun and be merry!



Freaky stories vhs.jpg
Freaky Stories: Pickled Brains.

Hey all; day 5 of the Found Media Week is upon us and with it comes more found animation!

Today's piece, I actually happened upon by pure chance, in my travels as a VHS collector. Freaky Stories: Pickled Brains is a 40-minute compilation of 8 Freaky Stories episodes, all of which were (at least, according to my fairly thorough research) previously unavailable, including the infamously creepy "I can lick too!" short (see 25:03).


And with that, Found Media Week begins drawing to a close, but fear not! Tomorrow I have a piece for you that wholly embodies the spirit of giving, albeit in a very, shall we say, unique way ;)

On one last, much more serious note, I'd also like to point out that Randy has completed and uploaded a new (and very personal) episode of The Lost Media Chronicles, to commemorate the September 11 attacks; you can view it below:

Lost Media Chronicles Episode 9.

That'll do it for today's notice board post.

See you all tomorrow!


FOUND MEDIA WEEK - DAY 4: DARE, BLUFF, OR DIE! (Added 11 Sep 2015)

Dare Bluff or Die jc.jpg
Dare Bluff or Die jb.jpg

Hey guys, how's it going? Today marks the 4th day of the Found Media Week and to bring it past the halfway mark, I have another previously lost video game, the elusive, Wild West themed Dare, Bluff, or Die.

Big thanks go to a kind source who wishes to remain anonymous for providing me with a copy of this game a little while back, complete with cover, disc and manual scans, all of which can be obtained via the link below:


I've had success running this game in DOSBox; to those unfamiliar with DOSBox, simply follow these steps:

1 - Download and install DOSBox
2 - Download Dare, Bluff, or Die and mount the image via DAEMON Tools (or similar)
3 - Open up DOSBox and type (without quotation marks) "mount c X:\ -t cdrom" (X:\ being the virtual drive to which the disc image was just mounted)
4 - Navigate to DOSBox's virtual C:\ drive and then run WILDWEST.BAT

And that's it! The game should run smoothly and with functional audio.

Righto guys, that brings day 4 of the Found Media Week to a close, but the week ain't over yet! Be sure to join me again tomorrow for more spoils!

See you then :)


FOUND MEDIA WEEK - DAY 3: RUBBISH! (Added 10 Sep 2015)

Rubbish title.jpg
Rubbish/The Puppet Pudding.

Hey everyone, dycaite here, back for day 3 of the Found Media Week; let's jump right in:

Some time back, I was lucky enough to temporarily get my hands on a VHS tape so rare that it came in a plain white slipcase and had a half handwritten label; that tape was none other than a dual release of Rubbish and The Puppet Pudding, both of which were made by The Marionette Theatre of Australia in the early 1980s. Needless to say, I seized the opportunity to rip the tape and am now posting it here in its entirety as today's piece of found media!


Big thanks to the kind folks that aided me in acquiring this elusive film, I couldn't have done it without your help!

Alright guys, that closes out another notice board post, but I'll be back around the same time tomorrow with another piece of found media for you all to enjoy!

Catch you then,



Lisa vhs.jpg
Lisa's Space Adventure.

Hey guys, dycaite here and I'm back with more Found Media Week spoils, this time of the animated variety.

Today's offering is the complete English dub (ie. all 13 episodes) of the Swedish cartoon Lisa! I happened across a VHS release under the name Lisa's Space Adventure containing the dubbed episodes in their entirety a few months back, so here they now are for your viewing pleasure:


Here's a tidy little episode guide I threw together:

0:00 - Lisa at the shopping Centre
6:02 - Holger with the big ears
12:05 - Lisa at the dentist
18:07 - Lisa goes on a picnic
24:10 - Lisa paints the bathroom
30:13 - Lisa's Space Adventure
36:15 - Scared of Loli
42:17 - Lisa gets a babysitter
47:57 - The Davidsons
53:59 - The dinner party
1:00:01 - The fancy dress party
1:06:03 - Waving club
1:12:06 - What am I going to be when I grow up

Oh! I almost forgot; as of early last month, Cuprinol have been uploading some of their old Aardman commercials to their official YouTube channel, some of which were previously lost. You can check out their playlist of ads here. Thanks to Cuprinol for the provision of said ads and to LMW regular Thomas Paul Jennings for the tip-off!

That's all from me today, but be sure to check in tomorrow for another Found Media Week reveal!




Izzy front.jpg
Izzy back.jpeg

Let the Found Media Week begin!

The first cab off the ranks is Izzy's Adventure, a rare 1996 PC game featuring the Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics mascot, Izzy.

This game had proven itself quite elusive, though it's been known to show up on eBay once in a blue moon (which, as it happens, is where I acquired my copy). You can find a MEGA download link to a .zip file below, containing both the disc image files and the box/disc/inlay scans:


I've personally managed to get the game running properly using a Windows XP virtual machine via VirtualBox on Windows 10; if your PC is already running XP, then you should be able to get it working natively without too much fuss. In any case, I recorded and uploaded a VirtualBox tutorial video, available here:

Izzy's Adventure VirtualBox tutorial.

Enjoy, and be sure to check in again tomorrow for day 2 of the Found Media Week!

'Til then,



"The Legend of McDonaldland Loch", courtesy of YouTuber What a Cartoon!

Found Media Week update.

Lost Media Chronicles Episode 8.

A quick note/request from Randy.

Hey guys.

So, if you haven't already caught wind of the news, you'll likely be pleased to discover that the Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald episode "The Legend of McDonaldland Loch" has finally surfaced! Big thanks go to YouTuber What a Cartoon! for the provision of said episode.

Now, as some of you might be aware, I was actually planning on releasing McDonaldland Loch myself for Found Media Week, but was waiting for the tape to arrive in the mail. Due to the episode's subsequent unearthing, I have brought Found Media Week's start date forward to *drumroll*...... tomorrow! I elaborate on this a bit more in the above video, so feel free to check it out for more info (and be sure to check back here tomorrow for the first piece of released found media for the event).

In other news, a new episode of the Lost Media Chronicles is out! This time Randy covers the sensitive topic of Christine Chubbuck's on-air suicide (in an episode that was understandably postponed temporarily, following the recent on-air shooting in Virginia). With that said, a new episode of Lost Media Chronicles will be dropping next Friday, so also keep an eye out for that one.

One more thing: Randy is in need of volunteers for the upcoming season finale of his online music review series 2Beats+. If you're interested in helping out, he explains exactly what is needed in the video linked above.

That'll do it for now. Thanks again to Randy and Trey for their continued hard work on the Lost Media Chronicles :)

See you all tomorrow!


Lost Media Chronicles Episode 7.

2Beats+ Episode 14.

Hello ladies and gents. Shoegazer here with a brand new episode of Lost Media Chronicles. This time, Trey, my cohost from 2Beats+ is in to cover one of his childhood favorites, Thomas the Tank Engine.

I also included a link to the most recent 2Beats+ Episode to close down the trilogy on Kylie Minogue.

I would also like to announce that I have a few future plans for the channel. First off, there should be another episode of the Lost Media Chronicles up by Monday, thrusted forward in production due to the recent tragic events in Virginia. I am not going to specify what it's about, but it was originally slated to be done as the next episode even before the recent events. I figure the sooner I get it out, the better. So, no, the idea was not to take advantage of a recent event. The episode was already in the filming phase on Wednesday. Rather than back down and postpone the episode, I decided it was best to do the opposite and add in a few extra things.

As for the other plans, Trey and I will be putting 2Beats+ on hiatus for a couple of months after a season finale at the end of October. The show is very difficult to make, which is why it takes so long to do an episode of The Lost Media Chronicles. We are aware that LMC is the more popular series, but we love doing both. However, it is exhausting with me having a full-time job and Trey helping take care of his mother. I've received quite a few messages asking why there's always such a delay, and that's your answer. We're both very busy people. The hiatus is being taken to avoid the burnout that most video producers face. I would like to make it clear, that this hiatus will NOT affect Lost Media Chronicles. As a matter of fact, you'll be seeing episodes posted a lot more frequently during that time period.

I end this update with a few requests to help us out. Our "season finale" of 2Beats+ is going to feature an angry mob scene. We could easily find stock audio of an angry crowd, but we want to do something a little more creative. We want to get as much audio of people shouting obscenities as we possibly can in order to make the crowd sound more authentic. So, if you hate my guts, or would like to pretend to be really angry at me, this is your chance to lash out at me. We will happily include your name in the credits if you wish to contribute. Just send us your audio to RandyTheShoegazer7@gmail.com. Please keep in mind that this episode is not slated to be posted until late October and that we have a few videos we need to post before that one.

We will also be starting a Patreon for the channel very soon. Trey and I are currently working out what bonuses patrons get. This is the type of work Trey and I want to be able to do for a living, and we're doing everything we can to help the channel and the wiki grow. I have also proposed to Dycaite the possibility of a Lost Media Wiki Patreon account. He has yet to reply about it, but we have gotten numerous requests from LMW readers for one to be made.

Sorry for such a long-winded post. We do thank you guys for your support for both the channel and the wiki and we look forward to producing more content for you guys.


UPDATE 2.08! (Added 14 Aug 2015)

2 and a half minutes of Chris Farley's Shrek recordings.

Ripley and Scuff - "Straw."

Hey guys, dycaite here. Straight off the bat, I just wanted to explain my absence of late; I've been in the process of moving house for the better part of the last fortnight and am only now getting settled into my new place, hence the lack of updates and spam eradication (the latter of which I've since taken care of). So, yeah, thanks for bearing with me.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, let's get into today's notice board post, since some exciting stuff has happened this month:

  • Firstly, 2 and a half minutes of Chris Farley's Shrek recordings have surfaced ahead of the release of I Am Chris Farley! Thanks to Uncle Sporkums for bringing this to our attention; it was certainly fascinating to hear what Shrek might have turned out like had Farley not met his untimely demise in 1997.

  • Secondly, it has been confirmed that a copy of The Day the Clown Cried has been donated to the Library of Congress by Jerry Lewis himself! Before you get too excited though, you should know that there's a catch: the film is not allowed to be shown by the library until ten years from now. In any case, it is great to know that a copy has been secured and that we'll be given the opportunity to see it within our lifetime!

  • Thirdly, an episode of the early 2000s ITV children's series [Ripley and Scuff (partially found British children's television series; 2002-2003)|Ripley and Scuff]] has been found and uploaded by LMW contributor catbooks; thanks catbooks!

Aaaaand, just in case you missed them:

That oughta do it for now, though one last thing I wanna briefly mention before I close out this notice board post is that we are currently seeking a new staff member to help out with the site. If you're interested in volunteering for the position, please contact us via lostmediawiki@gmail.com, or through either of our social media pages.

Thanks guys,


Hi there, guys! RandyTheShoegazer here. I have the new episode on The Lost Media Chronicles up. This episode is about the banned "Director's Cut" of Kylie Minogue's "On a Night Like This". Keep in mind that this video features censored nudity, so viewer discretion is advised.

Thanks for watching!

FOUND MEDIA WEEK // PETITION // 2BEATS+ (Added 29 Jul 2015)

What's up guys, just a quick video today regarding some upcoming stuff (and some current stuff you may have missed); relevant links can be found below.

Link to petition: https://change.org/p/craig-l-palmer-wikia-ceo-shut-down-the-old-lost-media-wiki

Link to 2Beats+ Episode 13: https://youtu.be/OAa_6skiLzk

Watch this space for future Found Media Week announcements!



Hey all. So, as promised, episode 5 of The Lost Media Chronicles is here! To coincide with the 4th of July, in this episode Randy covers a piece of lost media that will forever retain a controversial and important place in American history: the missing 18½ minutes from the Richard Nixon Watergate tapes.

Thanks to Randy and Trey for getting this episode out in record time; as always, I look forward to seeing more!


LMC EPISODE 4 IS HERE! (Added 30 Jun 2015)

Hey guys; just a quick one today to let you all know that episode 4 of The Lost Media Chronicles is out! This time Randy touches on the controversial subject of lost internet media, covering the missing user content from the website Mystery of the ZenHex.

Thanks for another great episode Randy!


UPDATE 2.03! (Added 21 Jun 2015)

Part 1 of 3 of the bootleg Oswald recordings, courtesy of 4chan user The People.

Part 2 of 3 of the bootleg Oswald recordings, courtesy of 4chan user The People.

Part 3 of 3 of the bootleg Oswald recordings, courtesy of 4chan user The People.

Sesame Street’s "The Count Orders a Hot Dog" sketch, courtesy of YouTuber MarshalGrover.

The Regular Show Flash animation test, courtesy of LMW contributor Umberto.

The first of the 5 recovered Chuggaaconroy YouTube videos, courtesy of LMW contributor Kalavinka.

  • Bootleg copies of the restored Oswald the Lucky Rabbit shorts Poor Papa and Africa Before Dark have surfaced! They were taken during last week's debut screening (which took place at the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra) by 4chan user The People, who posted a link to the recordings on the site's /co/ board shortly after the screening. Big thanks to The People for providing these videos! You can check out our Vimeo mirrors of said videos above, or download the original files here.

  • 5 videos from YouTuber Chuggaaconroy's series of deleted Pokemon Platinum let's plays have been recovered, courtesy of LMW contributor Kalavinka (who recently uploaded them to their AquaRing YouTube account)! The first of the 5 said videos can be seen above and the complete playlist can be found here. Thanks Kalavinka!

  • And finally, for those who have been hanging out for a new Lost Media Chronicles episode, fear not - we're happy to announce that two new back-to-back episodes will be coming soon from series creator RandyTheShoegazer! The reason for this is that Randy has been working on his other web series 2Beats+ and as he is doing two episodes in a row there (ie. The recent Norah Jones episode and an upcoming Father's Day episode), he figured it was only fair to give the lost media community two consecutive instalments as well. Thanks Randy; looking forward to seeing the new eps!

I think that's it; as always, if I've missed anything, please let me know. Thanks guys :)


17 seconds of footage from the Gravity Falls pitch pilot.

43 seconds of footage from the Gravity Falls pitch pilot.

1995 The Dream of Hamish Mose segment on Hard Copy, featuring footage from the film.

Spanish commentary recorded during Owen Hart's fatal accident.

The pre-9/11 version of Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro in action.

Roger Christian's announcement on the Black Angel feature film.

"The News Of Yesterday", the opening track from Ocean Void's 2013 Desert Noise EP.

  • More footage from the Gravity Falls pitch pilot has surfaced! The 60 seconds of new footage was recently provided by artists Alessandra Sorrentino and Sergio Saleiro (both of whom worked on the pilot), respectively. Thanks!

  • Several snippets of footage from The Dream of Hamish Mose have been rediscovered via a recording of a 1995 Hard Copy episode on O.J. Simpson; thanks to unclesporkums for the upload!

  • Three minutes of audio from the Spanish coverage of the 1999 Over the Edge PPV (during which wrestler Owen Hart was killed) have surfaced; the audio allegedly captured (albeit at a very faint volume) the sound of Owen's fatal impact, though this is not 100% certain. In any case, thanks to YouTuber Jwasc92Wrestling for the provision of said audio.

  • Black Angel is confirmed to be receiving a feature film adaptation! The announcement was made earlier this month and Roger Christian is currently conducting an Indiegogo campaign (which has already reached 90% of its goal) to finance the film, which is slated for production later this year. Good luck with the film Roger; I, for one, can't wait to see it!

  • On one final note, it has come to our attention that shoegaze band Ocean Void's 2013 "Desert Noises EP" has recently been uploaded to both YouTube and MEGA (Ocean Void featuring, at the time, our very own RandyTheShoegazer). Given the fact that several LMW users have expressed an interest in hearing said EP, we figured we'd give it a shout-out here on the notice board, now that it's available.

That oughta do it for me tonight; 'til next time,


Rundown of the new site.

Lost Media Chronicles Episode 3 - Armin Meiwes.

Well, the moment has arrived; lostmediawiki.com is officially open for user registrations! There's really too much to say about our new base of operations to put it all into a single written notice board post, so please check out the above video for a full rundown.

On another note, RandyTheShoegazer has completed and released the third episode of Lost Media Chronicles! Check it out via the above link.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the site throughout the moving process; your words of encouragement make pushing through the challenging times all the more worthwhile.