KaBlam! "KaFun!" (found episode of Nickelodeon animated series; 1999)

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Title card for the episode, which was the only proof that the episode existed for a while.

Status: Found

Date found: 08 Dec 2015

Found by: Mark Marek

KaBlam! was an animated anthology series that ran on Nickelodeon from 1996 to 2000. Despite its cult following, it has not been treated kindly by Nickelodeon over the years. Due to the many separate copyrights involved with the show, episodes and spin-offs have been withheld from airing on Nicktoons, withheld from airing in general and withheld from airing more than once. Among the many tidbits of KaBlam!, the episode "KaFun!" is possibly the most obscure (though it has since been found, along with the rest of them).


"KaFun!" centers around Henry and June discovering they have a Japanese knock-off of their show KaBlam! called "KaFun!" (カーファン!, Kāfan!) with characters called Henmi (ヘンミ) and Jun (ジュン) and proceeding to review it. Contrary to popular belief, this episode was not Japan-exclusive, as stated by Mark Marek (Henry and June's creator). However, Marek did not give much information about the episode, so knowledge of what the episode actually consisted of was previously restricted to a Japanese review with the episode's title card, as well as a short review taken from a Nickelodeon program guide.[1]

Besides the Henry and June shorts, other segments from the episode included Action League Now! "And Justice For None", where the League is terminated by The High Commission for Super Heroes, Prometheus and Bob "Glue", where Prometheus tries to teach Bob about glue, Life With Loopy "Larry's Girl", in which Loopy tries to find Larry a date with a computer matching service, the "Pizza Rocket" music video, and the Untalkative Bunny pilot, where a telemarketer tries to sell Bunny a subscription to a local newspaper.

The episode was written by Will McRobb, Robert Mittenthal, Cote Zellers, Stephen Holman, Josephine T. Huang, Ben Nichols, Graham Falk, and one source lists it as having aired on November 22nd, 1998 (though said source has other incorrect information, and the copyright date at the end of the episode says 1999).

Search & Release

Prior to 2015, a few segments of this episode had been uploaded to YouTube, but the episode had not surfaced in its entirety. As with the other formerly-lost episodes, this led to many fans of the series set out to track it down. During the search, YouTube user ofthe90s claimed to be in possession of copies of this episode as well as "Just Chillin", but nothing came of this. When questioned by a fan about this and "Just Chillin", Mark Marek stated that he had all of the episodes on Beta tapes and planned to post them all in full length on his website.

Due to the episode's obscurity, the search yielded very few results, and for a long time, the episode was thought to be stuck in KaBlam! limbo. However, in December 2015, Marek finally followed through on his promise and gradually began posting the episodes to the KaBlam! Korner section of this website. As he was aware of the episode's rarity, Marek included "Kafun!" in the first batch of uploads, alongside The Henry & June Show and the actual 29th episode of the series (which turned out to be "Your Logo Here"). The episode has since been mirrored to other sites, eliminating the chance of it ever becoming lost again.


Archive.org mirror of the episode.

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