Mario's Mission Earth/Mario's Planet Quest (lost build of cancelled Super Nintendo edutainment game; existence unconfirmed; date unknown)

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A picture of the Super Nintendo.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Mario's Mission Earth (also known as Mario's Planet Quest) is an unconfirmed Super Nintendo edutainment game created by The Software Toolworks.[1]


Mario's Mission Earth was a cancelled installment to the SNES edutainment game. The game would've followed a similar formula between Mario is Missing and Mario's Time Machine.[2] It's widely believed that this game was about Mario going to space and learning about the solar system, clicking on objects to learn more information.


The only evidence about the game's existence is a brief mention of video game composer, Mark Knight's list of works on his website, which later was reiterated in a post on a 2017 Kickstarter campaign.[3] It is unknown how far the game was in development.


DidYouKnowGaming's video on the subject (starts at 7:18-8:01).

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