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Hey there! My name's Daniel and I'm an Australian in my early 30s who's more commonly known under the moniker dycaite (pronounced dye Kate).

I founded The Lost Media Wiki via Wikia in November of 2012, though after its first two years of life, the choice was made to move the wiki to its own independent host, the process of which was completed in mid 2015, when it was officially opened for user registration.

My interest in lost media really took off in August of 2011, when a VHS-recorded copy of the semi-mythical, made-for-TV Nickelodeon horror film Cry Baby Lane was made available online after 11 years of obscurity and mystery. From that point on, I kept a list of any and all pieces of lost media that took my interest and endeavoured to discover more about them. Eventually, I wound up at 4chan's /x/ board, seeking out not only more information on certain wanted pieces of media, but also other like-minded individuals. After several threads, an anonymous poster suggested that a wiki be created on the subject and I jumped at the chance; that night, The Lost Media Wiki was born and I fervently stayed up writing articles for it into the early hours of the morning.

Since then, the site has grown into something much more than I ever could have originally hoped; some of the past successes that we've in had unearthing numerous lost gems have, without a doubt, been absolutely phenomenal and our ever expanding community of enthusiastic, motivated members has been integral in bringing the site as far as it has come in its relatively short lifespan. Even so, I am intent on expanding the site's horizons and am always striving to ensure that The Lost Media Wiki remains one of the top hubs for lost media enthusiasts.

See you 'round!


aka @fortesque91 on Twitter
aka Fortesque22 on Reddit
aka dycaite !mfl6EhR6DM on 4chan

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