BattleBots (found build of unreleased GameCube/PlayStation 2 game based on robot combat TV series; 2003)

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BattleBots UScoverart.png

GameCube cover art.

Status: Found

Date found: 06 May 2022

Found by: Gatorbox

BattleBots was a video game based on the robot combat television show BattleBots. It was developed by Warthog Games and was set to be published by THQ for the GameCube and PlayStation 2 in 2003 prior to cancellation.


On November 19th, 2001, it was announced that THQ had secured the licence to publish BattleBots games. Development for a GameCube and PlayStation 2 title had already started, with plans for future Xbox and PC games.[1] BattleBots was first showcased by THQ at E3 2002.[2][3] According to Nintendo World Report, there was a playable GameCube demo containing around five robots to battle, within a single bridge arena. Based on this article, the game would feature 80 robots, 40 of which would be from the TV show. It also featured basic and advanced control configurations, and plans were made to have a four-player mode.[4]

IGN listed other details, including 20 arenas being added to the game, and three different game modes; these were Simulation Mode which emulated the TV series' tournament structure and arenas; Arcade Mode, where one could freely choose robots they created or from the show and compete in arenas with power-ups added; and Multi-player Mode.[5] The game would also be showcased at Gen Con 2002, with GameSpot reviewers detailing the GameCube demo, and noting that the game would allow for the camera to be switched to a "robot's eye" view during a fight.[6]

The game was first announced on the official BattleBots website on September 12th, 2002, with an expected release date in November 2002.[7] However, the game was then postponed until early February 2003,[8] before being delayed once again to May 2003.[9] After that, there were no more mentions of the game on the website. According to the February 2018 issue of Retro Gamer, THQ suddenly decided to end the project, despite the game reaching "an advanced stage of development".[10] This most likely stemmed from the announcement that Comedy Central had decided not to renew the show for another season in September 2002,[11] and because of a slow improvement in fixing bugs and issues during development.[12]


While the game went unreleased, prototypes of the game were made and sold on the official website for $150[13] and again for $299.98, with seemingly only one copy for sale.[14] In May 2015, Team Nightmare Combat Robots were actually able to play the GameCube version. A screenshot exists of the aftermath, where hotel security caught them playing it on the hotel lobby's television.[15] Despite all of these events, no build of the game, in demo or complete form, has ever been publicly released. YouTuber "Gatorbox" had also owned a GameCube build of the game, but it was never publicly released due to a copyright dispute.[16]

Nevertheless, a video was uploaded to YouTube showcasing gameplay footage. Additionally, many screenshots of the game and its concept art were made public in 2017 by Gary Switzer[17] and Merlyn Lear.[18]

On Christmas Day 2021, the Twitch/YouTube channel Gatorbox uploaded a two-and-a-half-hour gameplay video of the prototype showing off numerous parts of the game and some of the bugs that cause it to crash.[19] Draco, the host of the channel, stated that he is in possession of the prototype but is not at any liberty (or ability) to release it, but assured viewers that he had made multiple personal archives of it to prevent it from truly becoming "lost". Five months later, however, he uploaded the prototype to the Internet Archive on May 6th, 2022.[20] While the PlayStation 2 build of the game still remains lost, it's believed that this version isn't as different from its GameCube counterpart.



Gameplay footage of BattleBots.

Promo of BattleBots franchise, including gameplay footage at 2:50-2:58.


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