Brazil 2-0 Italy (lost footage of international football match; 1956)

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Esporte Ilustrado issue reporting on Brazil's victory over Italy.

Status: Lost

On 1st July 1956, Brazil hosted Italy for an international friendly football match. Occurring in front of 118,514 at the Maracanã Stadium, the hosts won the game 2-0, giving them their first ever victory against Gli Azzurri. The encounter is also notable for being Brazil's first interstate television transmission.


Heading into the match, Brazil and Italy had only previously faced each other twice.[1] They first faced each other at the 1938 World Cup Semi-Finals, with Italy winning 2-1, knocking Brazil out of the competition on-route to winning the tournament.[2][1] Over a month prior to the 1st July clash, Italy defeated Brazil 3-0 on 25th April at the San Siro Stadium.[3][1] Therefore, the South American side were keen to exact vengeance and claim their first win over Gli Azzurri, with them holding the home advantage as the next clash would be held at the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.[4]

A few years prior, network television had been introduced in Brazil on 18th September 1950.[5] Initially broadcasting primarily within the São Paulo region, TV Tupi would expand into Rio de Janeiro, although broadcasts would remain exclusive to each state.[6][7][5] In 1952, the first Brazilian network television broadcast of a football match occurred, although it is claimed that this was proceeded by closed circuit broadcasts of 1950 FIFA World Cup matches.[8][6] The upcoming Brazil-Italy clash proved enticing enough for TV Tupi to attempt to provide the country's first ever interstate broadcast.[7][6] As the match would be played in Rio, TV Tupi needed to find a means of transmitting the signal around 300 miles away to São Paulo.[7] By building antennas between the two cities, TV Tupi achieved this objective, marking Brazilian television history.[7][6] While television's expense back then limited the potential audience, the live broadcast certainly contributed towards growing the market.[7][5][6] TV Tupi would continue expanding its interstate reach, eventually building a network reaching over 1,200 kilometres of Brazil.[7][5][6]

The match itself occurred on 1st July, with 118,514 in attendance at the Maracanã Stadium.[4] Brazil claimed its first win against Italy, courtesy of a goal from Ferreira after 29 minutes, with a 75th minute goal from Canario helping to seal the victory.[4][1] Since then, matches between the two sides are part of the Clássico Mundial (World Derby), with both sides being among the most successful in international football.[9] The two have also faced each other twice in World Cup Finals, with Brazil winning both encounters in 1970 and 1994.[10][1]


The encounter was known to have been televised live, in an era where telerecordings were rare until videotape was perfected in the late-1950s.[11] No footage of the match has ultimately resurfaced, indicating the broadcast has not survived.



Highlights of the Italy-Brazil clash on 25th April 1956.

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